AppOptics v4.10.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-10-04 // over 2 years ago
  • Feature: new SDK trace_method method (replaces legacy API profile_method), see docs AO-9152
    🔋 Feature: Support Azure App Service, see docs AO-14045
    🔋 Feature: Support PostGis adapter, thanks @aderyabin AO-14225
    ✨ Enhancement: Support for installation on Debian 10 AO-13952
    Enhancement: Convert legacy profile_entry/profile_exit spans into entry/exit spans AO-9152
    ✨ Enhancement: Clean up Sinatra and Padrino span reporting AO-9152
    ✨ Enhancement: Adapt to changes in faraday gem version 0.16.1 AO-14223

    SHA256 checksum: 4bf1ba9b991fabac7d234ceac22a12544277aec3a423a26b03ed38a896d1adc2