Camping v1.5 Release Notes

Release Date: 2006-10-03 // about 16 years ago
    • Camping::Apps stores an array of classes for all loaded apps.
    • bin/camping can be given a directory. Like: camping examples/
    • Console mode -- thank zimbatm. Use: camping -C yourapp.rb
    • Call controllers with Camping.method_missing.

      Tepee.get(:Index) #=> (Response), id) #=> (Response), :input => {'username' => 'admin', 'password' => 'camping'}) #=> #

      Blog.get(:Info, :env => {:HTTP_HOST => 'wagon'}) #=> #'wagon'} ...>

    • Using \r\n instead of \n on output. FastCGI has these needs.

    • ActiveRecord no longer required or installed.

    • 👀 If you refer to Models::Base, however, ActiveRecord will be loaded with autoload. (see lib/camping/db.rb)

    • 🆕 new Camping::FastCGI.serve which will serve a whole directory of apps (see

    • 0️⃣ ~/.campingrc can contain database connection info if you want your default to be something other than SQLite.

      database: adapter: mysql username: camping socket: /tmp/mysql.sock password: NOFORESTFIRES database: camping

    • controllers are now ordered. uses the inherited hook to keep track of all classes created with R. those classes are scanned, in order, when a request is made. any other controllers are handled first. so if you plan on overriding the urls method, be sure to subclass from R().

    • Console mode will load .irbrc in the working directory, if present. (for example, in my ~/git/balloon directory, i have this in the .irbrc: include Balloon::Models when camping -C balloon.rb gets run, the models all get included in main.)

    • 🛠 And, of course, many other bugfixes from myself and the loyal+kind zimbatm...

    • ⚡️ Markaby updated to 0.5. (See its CHANGELOG.)