65 ORM/ODM Extensions gems and projects

  • dry-validation

    5.8 9.3 L5 Ruby
    Validation library with type-safe schemas and rules
  • ActiveRecordExtended

    3.9 8.4 Ruby
    Take querying your Postgres database to the next level.
  • Atomically

    0.4 7.8 Ruby
    Adds commonly useful atomic SQL statements to ActiveRecord to avoid race condition.
  • Filtered

    0.7 7.8 Ruby
    Filters ActiveRecord queries in a nice way
  • ActsAsParanoid

    6.2 7.7 L5 Ruby
    ActiveRecord plugin allowing you to hide and restore records without actually deleting them.
  • ActiveRecord Import

    8.6 7.6 L2 Ruby
    a library for bulk inserting data using ActiveRecord.
  • ActiveRecord Where Assoc

    1.2 7.6 Ruby
    Make ActiveRecord do conditions on your associations
  • PaperTrail

    9.4 7.5 L3 Ruby
    Track changes to your ActiveRecord models' data for auditing or versioning.
  • Hightop

    3.2 6.9 Ruby
    A nice shortcut for group count queries
  • Metka

    0.5 6.8 Ruby
    Rails gem to manage tags with PostgreSQL array columns.
  • LeftJoins

    0.4 6.8 Ruby
    Backport `left_joins` from Rails 5 for Rails 3 and 4
  • StoreModel

    2.0 6.8 Ruby
    Work with JSON-backed attributes as ActiveRecord-ish models
  • ActsAsList

    7.2 6.8 L4 Ruby
    Provides the capabilities for sorting and reordering a number of objects in a list.
  • Logidze

    4.7 6.6 Ruby
    Database changes log for Rails
  • FindWithOrder

    0.7 6.5 L5 Ruby
    Find records in the same order of input array.
  • Ancestry

    8.5 6.5 L4 Ruby
    Organise ActiveRecord model into a tree structure using a variation on the materialised path pattern.
  • Audited

    8.2 6.0 L5 Ruby
    Audited is an ORM extension for ActiveRecord & MongoMapper that logs all changes to your models.
  • pluck_all

    1.3 5.7 L5 Ruby
    Pluck multiple attributes in Rails 3, 4, 5. If you have a rails 3 project, and want to pluck not only one column, feel free to use this gem and no need to worry about upgrading to Rails 4 in the future will break this.
  • marginalia

    6.3 5.6 L5 Ruby
    Attach comments to your ActiveRecord queries. By default, it adds the application, controller, and action names as a comment at the end of each query.
  • ArLazyPreload

    1.3 5.6 Ruby
    Lazy loading associations for the ActiveRecord models
  • Acts As Votable

    6.8 5.5 L5 Ruby
    Allow any ActiveRecord model to be voted on, like/dislike, upvote/downvote, etc.
  • Enumerize

    6.9 5.2 L4 Ruby
    Enumerated attributes with I18n and ActiveRecord/Mongoid/MongoMapper support.
  • ranked-model

    5.6 5.1 L5 Ruby
    A modern row sorting library for ActiveRecord. It uses ARel aggressively and is better optimized than most other libraries.
  • vandal

    0.4 5.0 Ruby
    ActiveRecord force destroy records with all related associations.
  • Awesome Nested Set

    8.0 4.9 L5 Ruby
    Awesome Nested Set is an implementation of the nested set pattern for ActiveRecord models.
  • Goldiloader

    5.3 4.8 L3 Ruby
    Automatic ActiveRecord eager loading.
  • ValidatesZipcode

    1.7 4.7 Ruby
    Multi-country zipcode / postal code validation for Rails
  • PublicActivity

    8.3 4.6 L5 Ruby
    Provides easy activity tracking for your ActiveRecord, Mongoid 3 and MongoMapper models in Rails 3 and 4. Similar to Github's Public Activity.
  • ActsAsTree

    5.0 4.5 L5 Ruby
    Extends ActiveRecord to add simple support for organizing items into parent-children relationships.
  • rails_or

    1.4 4.5 L5 Ruby
    Support #or query method in Rails 3, 4, 5.
  • arel-helpers

    3.1 4.4 Ruby
    Useful tools to help construct database queries with ActiveRecord and Arel.
  • ActiveValidators

    3.4 4.4 L5 Ruby
    An exhaustive collection of off-the-shelf and tested ActiveModel/ActiveRecord validations.
  • Paranoia

    8.3 4.3 L3 Ruby
    A re-implementation of acts_as_paranoid for Rails 3 and 4, using much, much, much less code.
  • Unread

    4.8 4.1 L5 Ruby
    Manage read/unread status of ActiveRecord objects
  • Discard

    5.1 3.8 Ruby
    Soft deletes for ActiveRecord done right.
  • Apartment

    8.1 2.9 L5 Ruby
    Multi-tenancy for Rails and ActiveRecord.
  • Acts As Tennant

    5.7 2.9 L5 Ruby
    Add multi-tenancy to a Rails app through a shared database strategy.
  • ActiveRecord::Turntable

    2.9 2.6 L5 Ruby
    A database sharding extension for ActiveRecord.
  • Priora

    0.7 2.6 Ruby
    An Object Prioritization Utility for Ruby
  • Merit

    6.6 2.5 L5 Ruby
    Adds reputation behavior to Rails apps in the form of Badges, Points, and Rankings for ActiveRecord or Mongoid.
  • SanitizeSqlLike

    0.2 2.5 Ruby
    Backport #sanitize_sql_like method from Rails 4 for Rails 3. Sanitizes a string so that it is safe to use within an SQL LIKE statement.
  • Closure Tree

    6.8 2.4 L4 Ruby
    Easily and efficiently make your ActiveRecord models support hierarchies using a Closure Table.
  • ActsAsTaggableOn

    9.4 2.4 L4 Ruby
    A tagging plugin for ActiveRecord that allows for custom tagging along dynamic contexts.
  • mongoid-history

    4.4 1.9 L5 Ruby
    Multi-user non-linear history tracking, auditing, undo, redo for mongoid.
  • DbTextSearch

    1.2 1.9 L5 Ruby
    A unified interface on top of ActiveRecord for case-insensitive string-in-set and prefix querying, and full-text search on SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.
  • Mongoid Tree

    3.7 1.7 L5 Ruby
    A tree structure for Mongoid documents using the materialized path pattern.
  • BabySqueel

    3.3 1.7 Ruby
    BabySqueel provides a Squeel-like query DSL for Active Record while hopefully avoiding the majority of the version upgrade difficulties via a minimum of monkeypatching
  • PermenantRecords

    3.2 1.5 L5 Ruby
    Soft-delete your ActiveRecord records, like an explicit version of ActsAsParanoid.
  • Ruby JSON Schema Validator

    6.5 1.3 Ruby
    JSON Schema Validator
  • bulk_insert

    5.1 0.4 L5 Ruby
    A little ActiveRecord extension for helping to insert lots of rows in a single insert statement.
  • Postwill

    2.1 0.1 Ruby
    Posting to the most popular social media from Ruby
  • ferry

    2.6 0.0 L5 Ruby
    A ruby gem for easy data transfer.
  • data_miner

    3.2 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Download, pull out of a ZIP/TAR/GZ/BZ2 archive, parse, correct, and import XLS, ODS, XML, CSV, HTML, etc. into your ActiveRecord models.
  • activerecord_json_validator

    3.0 0.0 Ruby
    🔩 ActiveRecord::JSONValidator makes it easy to validate JSON attributes against a JSON schema.
  • Destroyed At

    3.6 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Allows you to "destroy" an object without deleting the record or associated records.
  • ActiveImporter

    3.6 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Define importers that load tabular data from spreadsheets or CSV files into any ActiveRecord-like ORM.
  • Ryakuzu

    1.5 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Interface for schema.rb
  • Espinita

    2.9 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Audit activerecord models like a boss.
  • Acts As Commentable

    5.6 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Provides a single Comment model that can be attached to any model(s) within your app.
  • mini_record

    3.0 0.0 L5 Ruby
    ActiveRecord meets DataMapper, with MiniRecord you are be able to write schema inside your models.
  • Acts As Commentable with Threading

    5.4 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Similar to acts_as_commentable; however, utilizes awesome_nested_set to provide threaded comments.
  • acts_as_follower

    5.9 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Allow any ActiveRecord model to follow any other model.
  • ActiveRecord Reputation System

    7.1 0.0 L5 Ruby
    An Active Record Reputation System for Rails.
  • Milia

    3.8 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Non-invasive multi-tenancy for Rails which supports Devise authentication out of the box.
  • activerecord-validations-helpers

    0.2 0.0 Ruby
    Active Record validation helpers for your Rails project

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