Cells v3.5.0 Release Notes

  • h3. Changes

    • Deprecated @opts, use #options now.
    • Added state-args. State methods can now receive the options as method arguments. This should be the prefered way of parameter exchange with the outer world.
    • #params, #request, and #config is now delegated to @parent_controller.
    • The generator now is invoked as @rails g cell [email protected]
      • The --haml option is no longer available.
      • The -t option now is compatible with the rest of rails generators, now it is used as alias for --test-framework. Use the -e option as an alias of --template-engine Thanks to Jorge Calás Lozano [email protected] for patching this in the most reasonable manner i could imagine.
    • Privatized @#[email protected], @#[email protected], and all *ize methods in Cell::Rails.
    • New signature: @#render_view_for(state, *args)@