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  • v0.4.0 Changes

    • Changed update_index matcher behavior. Now it compare array attributes position-independently.
    • Search aggregations API support ([@arion][]).
    • Chewy::Query#facets called without params performs the request and returns facets.
    • Added Type.template DSL method for root objects dynamic templates definition. See [mapping.rb](lib/chewy/type/mapping.rb) for more details.
    • ActiveRecord adapter custom primary_key support ([@matthee][]).
    • Urgent update now clears association cache in ActiveRecord to ensure latest changes are imported.
    • import now creates index before performing.
    • Chewy.configuration[:wait_for_status] option. Can be set to red, yellow or green. If set - chewy will wait for cluster status before creating, deleting index and import. Useful for specs.
  • v0.3.0 Changes

  • v0.2.3 Changes

    • .import! indexes method, raises import errors.

    • .import! types method, raises import errors. Useful for specs.

  • v0.2.2 Changes

    • Support for none scope ([@undr][]).
    • Auto-resolved analyzers and analyzers repository ([@webgago][]):

        # Setting up analyzers repository:
        Chewy.analyzer :title_analyzer, type: 'custom', filter: %w(lowercase icu_folding title_nysiis)
        Chewy.filter :title_nysiis, type: 'phonetic', encoder: 'nysiis', replace: false
        # Using analyzers from repository in index classes
        class ProductsIndex < Chewy::Index
          settings analysis: {analyzer: ['title_analyzer', {one_more_analyzer: {type: 'custom', tokenizer: 'lowercase'}}]}

      title_analyzer here will be automatically resolved and passed to index mapping

  • v0.2.0 Changes

    • Reworked import error handling. Now all the import errors from ElasticSearch are handled properly, also import method returns true of false depending on the import process success.

    • Chewy::Index.import now takes types hash as argument within options hash:

      PlacesIndex.import city: City.enabled, country: Country.enabled, refresh: false

    • Old indexes cleanup after reset.

    • Added index prefixes.

    • define_type now takes options for adapter.

    • chewy:reset and chewy:reset:all rake tasks are now trying to reset index with zero downtime if it is possible.

    • Added chewy:update:all rake task.

    • Methods .create, .create!, .delete, .delete, reset! are now supports index name suffix passing as the first argument. See [actions.rb](lib/chewy/index/actions.rb) for more details.

    • Method reset renamed to reset!.

    • Added common loading scope for AR adapter. Also removed scope proc argument, now it executes just in main load scope context.

      CitiesIndex.all.load(scope: {city: City.include(:country)}) CitiesIndex.all.load(scope: {city: -> { include(:country) }}) CitiesIndex.all.load(scope: ->{ include(:country) })

  • v0.1.0 Changes

    • Added filters simplified DSL. See [filters.rb](lib/chewy/query/filters.rb) for more details.

    • Queries and filters join system reworked. See [query.rb](lib/chewy/query.rb) for more details.

    • Added query merge method

    • update_index matcher now wraps expected block in Chewy.atomic by default. This behaviour can be prevented with atomic: false option passing

        expect {! }.to update_index('users#user', atomic: false)
    • Renamed Chewy.observing_enabled to Chewy.urgent_update with false as default

    • update_elasticsearch renamed to update_index, added update_index :urgent option

    • Added import ActiveSupport::Notifications instrumentation ActiveSupport::Notifications.subscribe('import_objects.chewy') { |*args| }

    • Added types! and only! query chain methods, which purges previously chained types and fields

    • types chain method now uses types filter

    • Added types query chain method

    • Changed types access API:

        UsersIndex::User # => UsersIndex::User
        UsersIndex::types_hash['user'] # => UsersIndex::User
        UsersIndex.user # => UsersIndex::User
        UsersIndex.types # => [UsersIndex::User]
        UsersIndex.type_names # => ['user']
    • update_elasticsearch method name as the second argument

        update_elasticsearch('users#user', :self)
        update_elasticsearch('users#user', :users)
    • Changed index handle methods, removed index_ prefix. I.e. was UsersIndex.index_create, became UsersIndex.create

    • Ability to pass value proc for source object context if arity == 0 field :full_name, value: ->{ first_name + last_name } instead of field :full_name, value: ->(u){ u.first_name + u.last_name }

    • Added .only chain to update_index matcher

    • Added ability to pass ActiveRecord::Relation as a scope for load CitiesIndex.all.load(scope: {city: City.include(:country)})

    • Added method all to index for query DSL consistency

    • Implemented isolated adapters to simplify adding new ORMs

    • Query DLS chainable methods delegated to index class (no longer need to call, just MyIndex.query)

  • v0.0.1 Changes

    • Query DSL
    • Basic index handling
    • Initial version