daru v0.1.6 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-08-04 // almost 5 years ago
  • ๐Ÿš€ Here's the full changelog of this release (all thanks to @baarkerlounger for the hard work!):

    Major Enhancements

    • Add support for reading HTML tables into DataFrames (@athityakumar)
    • Add support for importing remote CSVs (@athityakumar, @anshuman23)
    • Allow named indexes (@Shekharrajak)
    • DataFrame GroupBy returns MultiIndex DataFrame (@Shekharrajak)
    • Add new functions to Vector: max, min, index_of_max, index_of_min, max_by, min_by, index_of_max_by, index_of_min_by (@athityakumar)
    • Add summary to DataFrame and Vector without reportbuilder (@ananyo2012)

    - Add support for missing data for where clause (@athityakumar)

    Minor Enhancements

    • Allow inserting or updating DataFrame vectors with single values (@baarkerlounger)
    • Add a boolean converter to the CSV importer (@baarkerlounger)
    • Fix documentation of replace_values method (@kojix2)
    • Improve HTML table code of DataFrame and Vector (@Shekharrajak )
    • Support CSV files with empty rows (@baarkerlounger)
    • Better DataFrame and Vector to_s methods (@baarkerlounger)
    • Add support for histogram to Vector moving average convergence-divergence (@parthm)
    • Add support for negative arguments to Vector.lag (@parthm)
    • Return Nyaplot instance instead of nil for Nyaplot Vector, Category and DataFrame (@Shekharrajak)
    • Add global configurable error stream which allows error stream to be silenced (@sivagollapalli)
    • Rubocop update and cleanup (@zverok)
    • Improve performance of DataFrame covariance (@genya0407)
    • Index [] to only take index value as argument (@ananyo2012)
    • Better error raised when Vector is missing from DataFrame (@sivagollapalli)
    • Add default order for DataFrame (@athityakumar)
    • Add is_values to Index (@Shekharrajak)
    • Improve spec style in IO/SQL data source spec (@dshvimer)
    • Open SQLite databases by bath (@dshvimer)
    • Remove unnecessary whitespace (@Shekharrajak)
    • Remove the .svg from Travis CI build link (@athityakumar)
    • Fix Travis CI icon in README (@athityakumar)
    • Replace is_nil?, not_nil? with is_values (@lokeshh)

    - Update contributing documentation (@v0dro)

    ๐Ÿ›  Fixes

    • Fix missing axis labels for categorized scatter plot with Gruff (@xprazak2)
    • Fix NMatrix Vector initialization when Vector has nils and no nm_type is given (@baarkerlounger)
    • Fix head/tail methods on DataFrames with DateTime indexes and on Vector_at splat calls (@baarkerlounger)
    • Fix empty DateTime Index (@zverok)
    • Fix where clause when data contains missing/undefined values (@Shekharrajak)
    • Fix apply_scalar_operator spec (@athityakumar)
    • Change nil check to respond_to operator check for apply_scalar_operator (@athityakumar)
    • Make where compatible with is_values (@athityakumar)
    • Fix vector is_values method (@athityakumar)