Doorkeeper v5.3.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-02-09 // 16 days ago
    • [#1360] Backport: Increase matching_token_for batch lookup size to 10 000 and make it configurable.

Previous changes from v5.3.0

    [#1339] Validate Resource Owner in PasswordAccessTokenRequest against nil and false values.

    [#1341] Fix refresh_token_revoked_on_use with hash_token_secrets enabled.

    ⚠ [#1343] Fix ruby 2.7 kwargs warning in InvalidTokenResponse.

    [#1345] Allow to set custom classes for Doorkeeper models, extract reusable AR mixins.

    [#1346] Refactor Doorkeeper::Application#to_json into convenient #as_json (fix #1344).

    [#1349] Fix Doorkeeper::Application AR associations using an incorrect foreign key name when using a custom class.

    0️⃣ [#1318] Make existing token revocation for client credentials optional and disable it by default.

    [IMPORTANT] This is a change compared to the behaviour of version 5.2. If you were relying on access tokens being revoked once the same client requested a new access token, reenable it with revoke_previous_client_credentials_token in Doorkeeper initialization file.