fastlane v2.135.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-11-11 // about 1 month ago
    • [supply] migration from AndroidpublisherV2 to AndroidpublisherV3 (#15269) via Phani Anne and Josh Holtz
    • 🔒 [fastlane] Lock in google-cloud-env and google-cloud-core for under Ruby 2.4 versions (#15610) via Josh Holtz
    • 0️⃣ [screengrab] LocaleUtil set default locale. (#14594) via Niklas Baudy
    • 🔌 [fastlane] warn user during load_plugins when failure to find action (#15532) via Josh Holtz

    Migration from AndroidPublisherV2 to AndroidPublisherV3 in fastlane 2.135.0

    🆕 New Options

    • :version_name
      • Used when uploading with :apk_path, :apk_paths, :aab_path, and :aab_paths
      • Can be any string such (example: "October Release" or "Awesome New Feature")
      • Defaults to the version name in app/build.gradle or AndroidManifest.xml
    • 🚀 :release_status
      • Used when uploading with :apk_path, :apk_paths, :aab_path, and :aab_paths
      • Can set as "draft" to complete the release at some other time
      • Defaults to "completed"
    • :version_code
      • Used for :update_rollout, :track_promote_to, and uploading of meta data and screenshots
    • :skip_upload_changelogs
      • Changelogs were previously included with the :skip_upload_metadata but is now its own option

    🗄 Deprecated Options

    • :check_superseded_tracks
      • Google Play will automatically remove releases that are superseded now
    • :deactivate_on_promote
      • Google Play will automatically deactive a release from its previous track on promote