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  • v2.11.0 Changes

    • Add HealthcareRU [@gruz0]
    • Removing potentially offensive name [@rvisuvasam]
    • Add NameTW, PhoneNumberTW [@pominx]
    • Add AnimalCN, EducationCN [@ckyOL]
    • Add NameIN [@alagu]
    • Add AnimalPL, GenderPL, GenderJP, PhoneNumberPL [@walerian777]
    • Now PhoneNumberBR returns only valid area_code
  • v2.10.0 Changes

    • Add Image [@nicolas-brousse]
    • Add LoremPL (Polish) [@walerian777]
    • Add NameES (Spainsh) [@rgcamus]
    • Fix DateTime range [@AlexWayfer]
    • Now SSN returns valid SSN [@lilsweetcaligula]
    • Now FFaker::Time.(date, datetime) returns Date, DateTime objects [@AlexWayfer]
    • Now Gender.random returns non-binary genders [@kmayer]
      • If you need binary gender use Gender.binary
  • v2.9.0 Changes

    April 04, 2018
    • Add orly book cover generator [@artplan1]
    • Add LoremIE (Irish) [@mklemme]
    • Improve FFaker::Time.between docs and implementation [@eikes]
    • Fix patronymics for Никита [@ulzr]
    • Add EAN generator [@jvanbaarsen]
  • v2.8.1 Changes

    • Updated password generation [@makketagg]
  • v2.8.0 Changes

    January 04, 2018
    • Fixes Uncaught exception: invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII [@thilonel]
    • Add international numbers on PhoneNumberFR and test it [@nicolas-brousse]
    • Clean code based on PhoneNumberBR structure [@nicolas-brousse]
    • Drop support for ruby 1.9 [@thilonel]
    • Replace mass require with autoload [@thilonel]
  • v2.7.0 Changes

    September 19, 2017
    • Add unique method [@AlexAvlonitis]
    • Add Time.day_of_week [@tvarley]
    • Add CompanyIT.partita_iva [@aaronsama]
  • v2.6.0 Changes

    June 27, 2017
    • Add Polish names [@walerian777]
    • Add Polish addresses [@walerian777]
    • Add full_address to Brazilian addresses [@adimircolen]
    • Add Filesystem [@j0al]
    • Add Aminal [@ni3t]
    • Fix PhoneNumberAU mobile number [@spheric]
  • v2.5.0 Changes

    February 19, 2017
    • Support Arabic names [@Moafak]
    • Add Japanese address [@kojino]
    • Add more Brazilian city [@jasonleonhard]
    • Now PhoneNumber#ime returns valid IMEIs [@metalelf0]
  • v2.4.0 Changes

    January 01, 2017
    • Support Indonesia names, address, phone & gender [@brain64bit]
    • Support Russian lorem [@mechos3d]
    • Fix AddressAU#time_zone: will return AU time zone now [@tatey]
  • v2.3.0 Changes

    November 13, 2016
    • Make deterministic / repeatedly random using seed [@xunker]
    • Fix DE and NL address modules [@dankimio]
    • Refactor HTMLIpsum module [@rocknruby]
    • Stricter exchange code in US phone number [@MQuy]
    • Add AWS module [@joshdvir]
    • Add hexcode to Color module [@thutterer]
    • Add CPF/CPFJ to Brazilian identification module [@thutterer]
    • Add MAC address to Internet module [@pawelma]
    • Add rgb, rgba, hsl, hsla to Color module [@dphurley]
    • Add html safe names to Name module [@dimroc]
    • Add mode education degrees to Education module [@dimroc]
    • Add datetime to Time module [@waldyr]
    • Add between to Time module [@brnrdog]
    • Add Airline module [@jakubm]
    • Add Sport module [@iamarmanjon]
    • Add Youtube module [@andyklimczak]
    • Add Tweet module [@tvarley]
    • Add Korean address module [@marocchino]
    • Add Greek name module [@falegk]
    • Add Greek address module [@falegk]
    • Add Brazilian name module [@Sephyros]
    • Add Vietnam job module [@vinhnglx]
    • Add Chinese company module [@robin]
    • Add Thai name module [@firedev]
    • Add Japanese lolem module [@44uk]
    • Add Book module [@max-si-m]
    • Add gender option to Brazilian name module [@IgorMarques]
    • Add Brazilian gender module [@IgorMarques]
    • Add gender option to English name module [@nav16]
    • Add Brazilian identification module [@IgorMarques]
    • Add Brazilian job module [@IgorMarques]
    • Add Cambodian name module [@Phanithism]