When flatware starts, it spawns one master process and one worker process for each cpu of your computer. The master process determines what files need to be run in the same manner as rspec or cucumber and then distributes the files in a round robin fashion to each of the worker processes. Each worker process then runs the test files in the order they were received and reports back to the master process the status of each test as that test either passes or fails. The master process receives those messages from the worker processes and prints a red or green dot to the screen. When all worker processes have wrapped up their work the report completeness to the master process.

This is the point when flatware provides different functionality from a gem like Parallel. When the master process has received completeness messages from each worker it outputs an end-of-run report that is indistinguishable from what you would see by running rspec or cucumber by itself.

Monthly Downloads: 296
Programming language: Ruby
License: MIT License
Tags: Testing     RSpec     Speed     Faster     Parallel     Test Suite     Parallel Test    

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