Programming language: Shell
License: MIT License
Latest version: v0.1.6

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fry Build Status

A simple ruby version manager for fish.



git clone https://github.com/terlar/fry.git
cd fry
make user-install
fisher terlar/fry
plug terlar/fry


git clone https://github.com/terlar/fry.git
cd fry
make install
Arch Linux

fry is also available for Arch Linux in the AUR as the package fry or fry-git. To install, use your favorite AUR helper (yaourt, aura, etc.).

yaourt -S fry

fry is also available for OS X in the homebrew as the formula fry via tap.

brew tap igas/fry
brew install fry

If you want to install master version, add --HEAD to install command.


By default fry will look for rubies in ~/.rubies. This can be configured as you like.

Install (with ruby-install or ruby-build)

If you have ruby-install or ruby-build installed, fry provides a wrapper with auto-completion and building to the correct destination. To install rubies this way, run the following command:

# To see available rubies
fry install
# To install a specific ruby version
fry install jruby-1.7.9


To see which configuration options are available and your current configuration, you can execute the command fry config.

Path (Rubies)

This option determines where fry looks for rubies.

# To see the path
fry config path
# To set the path
fry config path /opt/rubies
Prepend path

This option determines if your ruby path should be prepended or not. However it will never be at the end of your PATH since we are using fish_user_paths which is prepended to PATH. However if you have specified other paths inside your fish_user_paths then those will have higher priority. To change this behavior you can toggle this. The default behavior is append.

# To prepend to the fish_user_paths
fry config prepend on
# To append to the fish_user_paths
fry config prepend off


If you want fry to look for a .ruby-version file and automatically switch ruby on directory change then you can enable auto-switching. This is off by default.

# To see the auto-switch status
fry config auto
# To enable auto-switch
fry config auto on
# To disable auto-switch
fry config auto off

If you are using prax or pow you can make it utilize the auto-switching capability.

When you have a .ruby-version file in your home directory this will be used used by default. If you want it to pickup the custom ruby-version per project you have to create a .praxconfig in your home directory or for pow, you need to create a .powenv inside every project folder.

Run the following commands:

# If you have auto-switch, it will use whatever is specified in your .ruby-version
fry env > ~/.praxconfig
# Specify a specific ruby to run
fry env rbx-2.2.6 > ~/ruby_project/.praxenv


If you want to select which installer fry should use, you can do it through this option. There are currently support for ruby-install and ruby-build. But you could easily define your own wrapper if you use some other tool.

# To list available installer wrappers
fry installers
# To see the installer used
fry config installer
# To set the desired installer
fry config installer ruby-install

Default Ruby

If you wish to set a default Ruby, simply call fry in ~/.config/fish/config.fish:

fry ruby-1.9

If you have enabled auto-switching, simply create a .ruby-version file in your home directory:

echo 'ruby-1.9' > ~/.ruby-version


List available rubies:

* 1.9.3-p392

Install ruby:

fry install <tab>
fry install 2.0.0-p247
fry use 2.0.0-p247

Get help:

fry help