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Activerecord gems

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  • dry-validation

    6.1 9.1 L5 Ruby
    Validation library with type-safe schemas and rules
  • Discard

    5.9 4.5 Ruby
    Soft deletes for ActiveRecord done right.
  • ActiveDecorator

    5.8 5.2 Ruby
    ORM agnostic truly Object-Oriented view helper for Rails 3, 4 and 5
  • ActiveRecordExtended

    4.5 4.5 Ruby
    Take querying your Postgres database to the next level.
  • DeepPluck

    3.5 6.6 L5 Ruby
    Allow you to pluck deeply into nested associations without loading a bunch of records. And DRY up your code when using #as_json.
  • BabySqueel

    3.3 1.7 Ruby
    BabySqueel provides a Squeel-like query DSL for Active Record while hopefully avoiding the majority of the version upgrade difficulties via a minimum of monkeypatching
  • arel-helpers

    3.1 4.4 Ruby
    Useful tools to help construct database queries with ActiveRecord and Arel.
  • ValidatesZipcode

    1.7 4.7 Ruby
    Multi-country zipcode / postal code validation for Rails
  • FastEntry

    1.5 1.7 Ruby
    Cache management for Rails
  • ActiveModelCachers

    1.2 6.7 Ruby
    Simply cache whatever you want by using cachers which will help you maintain cached objects and expire them when they are changed. Support Rails 3, 4, 5.
  • Filtered

    0.9 2.7 Ruby
    Filters ActiveRecord queries in a nice way
  • Atomically

    0.9 0.0 Ruby
    Adds commonly useful atomic SQL statements to ActiveRecord to avoid race condition.
  • LeftJoins

    0.5 4.4 Ruby
    Backport `left_joins` from Rails 5 for Rails 3 and 4
  • activerecord-validations-helpers

    0.2 0.0 Ruby
    Active Record validation helpers for your Rails project