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  • graphql

    9.4 9.6 L4 Ruby
    Ruby implementation of GraphQL
  • Fast JSON API

    9.3 0.0 Ruby
    No Longer Maintained - A lightning fast JSON:API serializer for Ruby Objects.
  • Koala

    8.8 0.0 Ruby
    A lightweight Facebook library supporting the Graph, Marketing, and Atlas APIs, realtime updates, test users, and OAuth.
  • JSON

    6.0 2.7 Ruby
    A fast JSON:API serializer for Ruby (fork of Netflix/fast_jsonapi)
  • Jb

    6.0 5.2 Ruby
    A simple and fast JSON API template engine for Ruby on Rails
  • BatchLoader

    5.5 2.4 Ruby
    :zap: Powerful tool for avoiding N+1 DB or HTTP queries
  • Praxis

    3.9 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Praxis is a framework that focuses on both the design and implementation aspects of creating APIs.
  • GQLi

    3.1 2.1 Ruby
    Ruby GraphQL Client for Humans
  • jsonapi-rb

    2.7 0.0 Ruby
    Efficiently produce and consume JSON API documents.
  • api_struct

    2.7 0.0 Ruby
    API wrapper builder with response serialization
  • Pragma

    1.8 0.0 Ruby
    An expressive, opinionated ecosystem for building beautiful RESTful APIs with Ruby.
  • Request Interceptor

    1.2 0.0 Ruby
    Sinatra based foreign API simulation for your testsuite
  • yabeda-http_requests

    0.8 0.0 Ruby
    Buildin metrics for monitor external HTTP requests
  • ib_ruby_proxy

    0.8 0.0 Ruby
    Invoke IB api from ruby
  • json-serializer

    0.7 0.0 Ruby
    Customize JSON ouput through serializer objects
  • Bearer Agent for Ruby

    0.7 0.3 Ruby
    This gem is a Ruby Agent to monitor any API using Bearer.sh
  • jsonapi-serializer (normal json for enterprise)

    0.4 4.1 Ruby
    A fast JSON:API serializer for Ruby (fork of Netflix/fast_jsonapi)