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JRuby gems

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  • Glimmer DSL for SWT

    1.6 8.9 Ruby
    Glimmer DSL for SWT (JRuby Desktop Development GUI Framework)
  • YASL

    0.6 0.0 Ruby
    Yet Another Serialization Library - A pure Ruby serialization library that works across different Ruby implementations like Opal and JRuby as an alternative to YAML/Marshal.
  • Glimmer DSL for Swing

    0.2 5.2 Ruby
    Glimmer DSL for Swing (JRuby Swing Desktop Development GUI Library) - Enables development of desktop applications using Java Swing and Java 2D, including vector graphics and AWT geometry.
  • Glimmer DSL for JFX

    0.2 2.0 Ruby
    Glimmer DSL for JFX (JRuby JavaFX Desktop Development GUI Library)