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  • Active Record Doctor

    6.1 7.1 Ruby
    Identify database issues before they hit production.
  • Rails PG Extras

    5.0 8.0 Ruby
    Rails PostgreSQL database performance insights. Locks, index usage, buffer cache hit ratios, vacuum stats and more.
  • Avo

    4.8 9.5 Ruby
    Configuration-based, no-maintenance, extendable Ruby on Rails admin
  • StoreModel

    4.6 4.7 Ruby
    Work with JSON-backed attributes as ActiveRecord-ish models
  • Forest Admin

    3.9 7.2 Ruby
    💎 Ruby on Rails agent for Forest Admin to integrate directly to your existing Ruby on Rails backend application.
  • ArLazyPreload

    3.6 4.4 Ruby
    Lazy loading associations for the ActiveRecord models
  • QueryTrack

    3.0 3.8 Ruby
    Find time-consuming database queries for ActiveRecord-based Rails Apps
  • N1Loader

    2.2 8.1 Ruby
    Loader to solve N+1 issues for good. Highly recommended for GraphQL API.
  • pluck_all

    1.9 5.3 L5 Ruby
    A more efficient way to get data from database. Like #pluck method but return array of hashes instead.
  • rails_or

    1.8 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Cleaner syntax for writing OR Query in Rails 5, 6. And also add #or support to Rails 3 and 4.
  • ActiveRecord Setops

    0.8 0.0 Ruby
    Union, Intersect, and Difference set operations for ActiveRecord (also, SQL's UnionAll).
  • Enummer

    0.8 7.0 Ruby
    🏳️‍🌈 Multi enums (aka flags) for Rails
  • ActiveDelegate

    0.7 2.9 Ruby
    Delegate ActiveRecord model attributes and associations.
  • ActiveRecord::DataIntegrity

    0.6 0.0 Ruby
    Check data integrity for your ActiveRecord models
  • Redaction

    0.6 8.0 Ruby
    Easily redact your ActiveRecord Models. Great for use when you use production data in staging or dev.
  • QueryDelegator

    0.5 0.6 Ruby
    Composable and re-usable query objects for Active Record.
  • Time Travel

    0.2 3.2 Ruby
    In-table versioning for time-series data