Glimmer DSL for SWT is a native-GUI cross-platform desktop development library written in JRuby, an OS-threaded faster JVM version of Ruby. Glimmer's main innovation is a declarative Ruby DSL that enables productive and efficient authoring of desktop application user-interfaces by relying on the robust Eclipse SWT library. Glimmer additionally innovates by having built-in data-binding support, which greatly facilitates synchronizing the GUI with domain models. Not only does Glimmer provide a large set of GUI widgets, but it also supports drawing Canvas Graphics like Shapes and Animations. To get started quickly, Glimmer offers scaffolding options for Apps, Gems, and Custom Widgets. Glimmer also includes native-executable packaging support, sorely lacking in other libraries, thus enabling the delivery of desktop apps written in Ruby as truly native DMG/PKG/APP files on the Mac, MSI/EXE files on Windows, and Gems on Linux.

Programming language: Ruby
License: MIT License
Tags: GUI     Bindings     Frameworks     Toolkit     Desktop     JRuby    

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