Iodine is a fast concurrent web server for real-time Ruby applications, with native support for:

* Websockets; * Pub/Sub; * Redis Pub/Sub scaling * Static file service; * HTTP/1.1

Iodine also supports custom protocol authoring, making Object Oriented Network Services easy to write.

Iodine is an evented framework with a simple API that builds off the low level C code library `facil.io` with support for epoll and kqueue - this means that:

* Iodine can handle thousands of concurrent connections (tested with more then 20K connections).

* Iodine supports only Linux/Unix based systems (i.e. OS X, Ubuntu, FreeBSD etc'), which are ideal for evented IO (while Windows and Solaris are better at IO completion events, which are totally different).

Iodine is a C extension for Ruby, developed for Ruby MRI 2.2.2 and up... it should support the whole Ruby 2.0 MRI family, but Rack requires Ruby 2.2.2, and so Iodine matches this requirement.

Code Quality Rank: L3
Programming language: C
License: MIT License
Tags: HTTP     Web Servers     WebSocket     Pubsub     Websockets     Services     Redis Clients    

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