Kiba v2.5.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-05-29 // almost 3 years ago
  • Aggregating / buffering transforms

    🚀 A Transform's close can now yield rows (this requires the new StreamingRunner, see v2.0.0 release notes).

    👍 This will let component implementers support new types of scenarios:

    • Batch transforms (such as the upcoming Kiba Pro ParallelTransform, or batch SQL lookups)
    • Grouping of rows (including in-memory or db-backed sort, normalisation operations, map operations)

    👀 See #57 for more background & explanations.

    💎 Ruby compatibility notice

    💎 Kiba now requires MRI Ruby 2.3+, JRuby 9.1+ or TruffleRuby.

    ✅ This is done to reduce the testing burden, to encourage users to avoid EOL'ed rubies, and to let me use more recent Ruby features when relevant.

    Other tweaks

    • 🛠 Fix incorrect error message when calling transform nil (#73 - thanks @envygeeks for the report).
    • 🛠 Fix code & documentation links on Rubygems (#71 - thanks @janko).