Mechanize v2.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2012-02-12 // over 10 years ago
    • API changes

      • MetaRefresh#href is not normalized to an absolute URL, but set to the original value and resolved later. It is even set to nil when the Refresh URL is unspecified or empty.
    • Minor enhancements

      • Expose ssl_version from net-http-persistent. Patch by astera.
      • SSL parameters and proxy may now be set at any time. Issue #194 by dsisnero.
      • Improved Mechanize::Page with #image_with and #images_with and Mechanize::Page::Image various img element attribute accessors, #caption, #extname, #mime_type and #fetch. Pull request #173 by kitamomonga
      • Added MIME type parsing for content-types in Mechanize::PluggableParser for fine-grained parser choices. Parsers will be chosen based on exact match, simplified type or media type in that order. See Mechanize::PluggableParser#[]=.
      • Added Mechanize#download which downloads a response body to an IO-like or filename.
      • Added Mechanize::DirectorySaver which saves responses in a single directory. Issue #187 by yoshie902a.
      • Added Mechanize::Page::Link#noreferrer?
      • The documentation for Mechanize::Page#search and #at now show that both XPath and CSS expressions are allowed. Issue #199 by Shane Becker.
    • 🐛 Bug fixes

      • Fixed handling of a HEAD request with Accept-Encoding: gzip. Issue #198 by Oleg Dashevskii
      • Use #resolve for resolving a Location header value. fixes #197
      • A Refresh value can have whitespaces around the semicolon and equal sign.
      • MetaRefresh#click no longer sends out Referer.
      • A link with an empty href is now resolved correctly where previously the query part was dropped.