minitest v5.15.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2021-12-14 // 7 months ago
    • 1 major enhancement:

      • assert_throws returns the value returned, if any. (volmer)
    • 3 minor enhancements:

      • Added -S option to skip reporting of certain types of output
      • Enable Ruby deprecation warnings by default. (casperisfine)
      • Use Etc.nprocessors by default in order to maximize cpu usage. (tonytonyjan)
    • 🛠 6 bug fixes:

      • Close then unlink tempfiles on Windows. (nobu)
      • Fixed #skip_until for windows paths. (MSP-Greg)
      • Fixed a bunch of tests for jruby and windows. (MSP-Greg)
      • Fixed marshalling of specs if they error. (tenderlove, jeremyevans, et al)
      • Updated deprecation message for block expectations. (blowmage)
      • Use Kernel.warn directly in expectations in case CUT defines their own warn. (firien)

Previous changes from v5.14.4

    • 1 bug fix:

      • Fixed deprecation warning using stub with methods using keyword arguments. (Nakilon)