minitest v5.14.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-01-11 // about 2 months ago
    • 2 minor enhancements:

      • Block-assertions (eg assert_output) now error if raised inside the block. (casperisfine)
      • Changed assert_raises to only catch Assertion since that covers Skip and friends.
    • 🛠 3 bug fixes:

      • Added example for value wrapper with block to Expectations module. (stomar)
      • Fixed use of must/wont_be_within_delta on Expectation instance. (stomar)
      • Renamed UnexpectedError#exception to #error to avoid problems with reraising. (casperisfine)

Previous changes from v5.13.0

    • 9 minor enhancements:

      • Added Minitest::Guard#osx?
      • Added examples to documentation for assert_raises. (lxxxvi)
      • Added expectations #path_must_exist and #path_wont_exist. Not thrilled with the names.
      • Added fail_after(year, month, day, msg) to allow time-bombing after a deadline.
      • Added skip_until(year, month, day, msg) to allow deferring until a deadline.
      • Deprecated Minitest::Guard#maglev?
      • Deprecated Minitest::Guard#rubinius?
      • Finally added assert_path_exists and refute_path_exists. (deivid-rodriguez)
      • Refactored and pulled Assertions#things_to_diff out of #diff. (BurdetteLamar)
    • 🛠 3 bug fixes:

      • Fix autorun bug that affects fork exit status in tests. (dylanahsmith/jhawthorn)
      • Improved documentation for _/value/expect, especially for blocks. (svoop)
      • Support new Proc#to_s format. (ko1)