MongoMapper v0.13.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-11-18 // almost 8 years ago
  • ✨ Enhancements:

    * Add counter caching [smtlaissezfaire]
        belongs_to :user, :counter_cache => true
        belongs_to :user, :counter_cache => :custom_posts_count
    * Add Symbol type [miyucy]
    * Add the ability to easily query collection stats:  [sgnn7]

    🐛 Bug Fixes:

    * Proxy#send should work with blocks and procs [mgroeneman]
    * Support inheriting OneAssociation. [DimaSamodurov]
    * write_attribute should return a type casted value [smtlaissezfaire]
    * Fix remove_validations_for for AS 4.1 [cpmurphy]
    * Fix autosupport loading issue (See rails issue 14664), and add test for ruby 2.1.1 [leifcr]
    * Fix syntax error in rescue response declarations for rails < 3.2 was causing MongoMapper::DocumentNotFound exceptions to cause an exception in WebBrick's exception handling in development. [bsoule]


    * Lock rest-client to 1.6.7 to ensure installation on 1.8.7
    * Added error message: can't mass assign protected attribute. This should be deprecated for proper protected_attributes support down the road.  [ThomasAlxDmy]
    * Add a spec to check for extra whitespace in files [rthbound]