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  • As long as your application exists, some developers leave others will join. It’s good to have some metrics about certain code smells. A code smell is part of your source code which may be the root of a design problem but is not actually a bug. It’s good to have some tools to be “lord of the smells” for Padrino - don’t let smells lower the quality of your project.
    Article  Added by wikimatze // wikimatze.de // 6 months ago
  • I was always asking myself how I can use cloud services like heroku to deploy Padrino applications without having an own server.

    In this post I’m going to show you how you can a simple “Hello Padrino” app on heroku - ones without and ones with database interactions.
    Article  Added by wikimatze // wikimatze.de // 7 months ago
  • Working effectively with ctags has been a topic I avoided for a long time because I was too lazy to invest the time to learn about it.

    I was working on my application and needed to constantly consult Padrino's API docs in the browser. It would have been more effective if I could do the searching directly in Padrino's code. Even better would be if I didn't have to leave the terminal and could stay in the flow of coding. It's possible with ctags!
    Article  Added by wikimatze // wikimatze.de // 11 months ago
  • I'm a user of the Z shell (zsh). It is easy to customize your prompt and to have more abilities for tab completion of the most used programs with this shell. If you are lazy or new to a new command line tool with a huge amount of options, this will help you in the beginning to remember the commands. When you use [git](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software) you can press tab to see all available options you have in the current context. The same functions aren't available for Padrino and this
    Article  Added by wikimatze // wikimatze.de // 11 months ago
  • You may come to the point, where you to have certain elements that are bound to your model but don't belong either there nor in the controller. This article will explain how you can use Observers in your application.
    Article  Added by wikimatze // wikimatze.de // 12 months ago
  • Sprockets are a way to manage serving your assets like CSS, and JavaScript compiling all the different files in one summarized file for each type. They make it easy to take advantage to use a preprocessor to write your assets with Sass, Coffesscript, or LESS.
    Tutorial  Added by wikimatze // wikimatze.de // about 1 year ago
  • I always was wondering how to test helpers in Padrino and to be honest I postponed this problem for a long time. But this morning I reached the point in my book where I was writing helper with many methods without testing them. When something like this happened you have stop going and spend time to solve this problem.
    Article  Added by wikimatze // wikimatze.de // about 1 year ago