Perpetuity v0.7.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2013-08-04 // almost 10 years ago
    • 👷 Only unmarshal attributes that we marshaled to begin with. This disallows the use of false marshaled objects. — with Kevin Sjöberg
    • 👍 Allow insertion of multiple objects in Mapper#insert
    • Alias Retrieval#limit as Retrieval#take for Enumerable compatibility
    • Leave result cache when branching to new retrievals if previous retrieval had triggered a query
    • ⚠ Silence warnings (some still exist in Moped, unfortunately)
    • ➕ Add finding based on attribute truthiness. For example: mapper.find { |obj| } finds objects whose name is neither nil nor false.
    • 🚚 When you remove an index call from the mapper DSL, Mapper#reindex! now removes that index from the DB
    • Previously activated indexes in the DB are converted to Perpetuity::Attributes rather than stored in the format specific to the DB driver