Rails Event Store v0.36.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-01-22 // about 1 year ago
  • 🚅 RailsEventStore

    Remove: Deprecated RailsEventStore::ActiveJobDispatcher, RailsEventStore::ActiveJobDispatcher::ActiveJobScheduler and RailsEventStore::AsyncProxyStrategy::AfterCommit are no more [#518]

    🚅 Fix: Ensure dispatch for after commit strategy works in case of raise in after_commit callback [#519, #183]

    Fix: Ensure RailsEventStore::AsyncHandler covers use case of background job systems integrated without ActiveJob interface [#507, 7d249f5]

    💎 RubyEventStore

    • Remove: Deprecated RubyEventStore:: AsyncDispatcher and RubyEventStore::AsyncProxyStrategy::Inline are no more [#518]

    🚅 RailsEventStoreActiveRecord

    • no changes


    • no changes

    🚅 RailsEventStore::RSpec

    • no changes


    • no changes

    💎 RubyEventStore::Browser

    • no changes

    💎 RubyEventStore::ROM

    Add: JSON support in migrations to allow specifying JSON or JSONB for data and metadata columns [#524]

    Add: Upsert capability for updating events [#476]

    🚅 RailsEventStoreActiveRecord::Legacy

    🚀 No longer released from now on (deprecated in release 0.18.0).