Rake v0.8.2 Release Notes

    • 📜 Switched from getoptlong to optparse (patches supplied by Edwin Pratomo).

    • The -T option will now attempt to dynamically sense the size of the terminal. The -T output will only self-truncate if the output is a tty. However, if RAKE_COLUMNS is explicitly set, it will be honored in any case. (Patch provided by Gavin Stark).

    • The following public methods have been added to rake task objects:

      • task.clear -- Clear both the prerequisites and actions of the target rake task.
      • task.clear_prerequisites -- Clear all the existing prerequisites from the target rake task.
      • task.clear_actions -- Clear all the existing actions from the target rake task.
      • task.reenable -- Re-enable a task, allowing its actions to be executed again if the task is invoked.
    • 🔄 Changed RDoc test task to have no default template. This makes it easier for the tempate to pick up the template from the environment.

    • 0️⃣ Default values for task arguments can easily be specified with the :with_defaults method. (Idea for default argument merging supplied by (Adam Q. Salter)