A Ruby Gem that wrap the functionality of jQuery Raty library, and provides optional IMDB style rating.

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Latest version: v1.0.9

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RatyRate Stars Rating Gem

A Ruby Gem that wrap the functionality of jQuery Raty library, and provides optional IMDB style rating.

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This is a fork against the repository muratguzel/letsrate, the aim of this fork is to refresh the development in this Gem with a new scope and features, so please if you have any pull request issue it here, also I imported all the issues in the original repo.

Changelog from the main repository

  1. Exposed a lot of jQuery Raty plugin features
    1. Added cancel button that can be customized and inserted to left or right
    2. Added the ability to set custom star images for on, half or off state
    3. Added the ability to set a custom path for the images
    4. Added the ability to enable/disable half stars
    5. Added the ability to turn on/off half star
  2. Their is a new option now to disable or enable the rating after the first rate
  3. Added a star style to show just the score of the dimension, but this star is not editable
  4. Added an overall average star just like IMDB style
  5. Created a Heroku app to illustrate this Gem's purpose and features (MovieStore)
  6. Wrote a complete tutorial on SitePoint that illustrates how to use this gem
  7. Nothing else
  8. :wq


  1. Write RSpec tests for this Gem
  2. Add option to show the number of users who gave rates
  3. Add a share helper to Facebook, Twitter
  4. Force refresh after rating when disable_after_rate and imdb_avg options is set to true.

Detailed view of the new features

Detailed view of the new featurews

Complete tutorial for this Gem on SitePoint - Ruby

I wrote a complete tutorial on SitePoint to cover this Gem's features in detail, if you are concerned to learn more about it just pay a visit to this link.



Add the ratyrate gem into your Gemfile

gem 'ratyrate'


rails g ratyrate user

The generator takes one argument which is the name of your existing devise user model UserModelName. This is necessary to bind the user and rating datas. Also the generator copies necessary files (jQuery Raty plugin files, star icons and JavaScript files)


Suppose you will have a devise user model which name is User. The devise generator and ratyrate generator should be like below

rails g devise:install
rails g devise user

rails g ratyrate user # => user is the model generated by devise

This generator will create Rate and RatingCache models, db/migrations, and link to your user model.

Database Migration

Run the migrations:

rake db:migrate

Javascript include

//= require jquery.raty
//= require ratyrate


I suppose you have a car model

rails g model car name:string

You should add the ratyrate_rateable function with its dimensions option. You can add multiple dimensions.

class Car < ActiveRecord::Base
  ratyrate_rateable "speed", "engine", "price"

Then you need to add a call ratyrate_rater in the user model.

class User < ActiveRecord::Base


There is a helper method which name is rating_for to add the star links. By default rating_for will display the average rating and accept the new rating value from authenticated user.

<%# show.html.erb -> /cars/1 %>

Speed  : <%= rating_for @car, 'speed' %>
Engine : <%= rating_for @car, 'engine' %>
Price  : <%= rating_for @car, 'price' %>

Available Options

1- If you need to change the star number, you should use star option like below.

Speed  : <%= rating_for @car, 'speed', star: 10 %>
Engine : <%= rating_for @car, 'engine', star: 7 %>
Price  : <%= rating_for @car, 'price' %>

2- If you want to disable/enable the rating after user's first rate use the new option disable_after_rate

Speed : <%= rating_for @car, 'speed', disable_after_rate: true %>

To enable changes after first user rate set disable_after_rate to false

3- To enable half stars use the option enable_half

Speed : <%= rating_for @car, 'speed', enable_half: true %>

4- To show or hide the half stars use half_show

Speed : <%= rating_for @car, 'speed', half_show: true %>

5- To change the path in which the star images (star-on.png, star-off.png, star-half.png, ..etc) are located use

Speed : <%= rating_for @car, 'speed', star_path: true %>

To just change one of the star images choose from these options (star_on, star_off, star_half)

6- To add the cancel button to the left, or right of the stars use (default is false)

Speed : <%= rating_for @car, 'speed', cancel: true %>

7- To change the place of the cancel button (left, or right) use (default is left)

Speed : <%= rating_for @car, 'speed', cancel_place: left %>

8- To change the hint on the cancel button use (default is "Cancel current rating!" )

Speed : <%= rating_for @car, 'speed', cancel_hint: 'Cancel this rating!' %>

9- To change the image of the cancel on button use

Speed : <%= rating_for @car, 'speed', cancel_on: 'cancel-on2.png' %>

10- To change the image of the cancel off use

  Speed : <%= rating_for @car, 'speed', cancel_off: 'cancel-off2.png' %>

Other Helpers

You can use the rating_for_user helper method to show the star rating for the user.

Speed : <%= rating_for_user @car, current_user, 'speed', star: 10 %>

And you can use the imdb_style_rating_for to show a similar to IMDB rating style.

Speed : <%= imdb_style_rating_for @car, current_user %>

Semantic Versioning

Ratyrate attempts to follow semantic versioning in the format of x.y.z, where:

x stands for a major version (new features that are not backward-compatible).

y stands for a minor version (new features that are backward-compatible).

z stands for a patch (bug fixes).

In other words: Major.Minor.Patch.


If you find bugs please open a ticket at https://github.com/wazery/ratyrate/issues


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


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