Raven Ruby v0.12.3 Release Notes

    • URL query parameters are now sanitized for sensitive data [pcorliss, #275]
    • Raven::Client can now use a proxy server when sending events to Sentry [dcramer, #277]
    • Raven::Client will now use a timed backoff strategy if the server fails [codekitchen, #267]
    • Automatic integration loading is now a lot less brittle [dcramer, handlers, #263, #264]
    • 🛠 Fixed some issues with prefixes and DSN strings [nateberkopec, #259]
    • If Raven is initialized without a server config, it will no longer send events [nateberkopec, #258]
    • Slightly nicer credit-card-like number scrubbing [nateberkopec, #254]
    • 🛠 Fix some exceptions not being caught by Sidekiq middleware [nateberkopec, #251]
    • Uncommon types are now encoded correctly [nateberkopec, #249]