This package provides a Ruby bindings to the LIBSVM library. SVM is a machine learning and classification algorithm, and LIBSVM is a popular free implementation of it, written by Chih-Chung Chang and Chih-Jen Lin, of National Taiwan University, Taipei. See the book "Programming Collective Intelligence," among others, for a usage example.

There is a JRuby implementation of this gem named jrb-libsvm by Andreas Eger.

Note: There exist some other Ruby bindings for LIBSVM. One is named Ruby SVM, written by Rudi Cilibrasi. The other, more actively developed one is libsvm-ruby-swig by Tom Zeng, which is built using SWIG.

LIBSVM includes a number of command line tools for preprocessing training data and finding parameters. These tools are not included in this gem. You should install the original package if you need them.

It is helpful to consult the README of the LIBSVM package for reference when configuring the training parameters.

Currently this package includes libsvm version 3.20.

Code Quality Rank: L1
Programming language: C++
Tags: Machine Learning     Projects    

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