RDoc v3.10 Release Notes

Release Date: 2011-10-08 // over 11 years ago
    • Major enhancements

      • RDoc HTML output has been improved:
      • The search from Володя Колесников's (Vladimir Kolesnikov) SDoc has been integrated.

      The search index generation is a reusable component through RDoc::Generator::JsonIndex

      • The table of contents is now a separate page and now shows links to headings and sections inside a page or class.
      • Class pages no longer show the namespace and no longer have file info pages.
      • HTML output is HTML 5.
      • Static files can be copied into RDoc using --copy-files
      • RDoc supports additional documentation formats:
      • TomDoc 1.0.0-rc1
      • RD format

      The default markup can be set via the --markup option.

      The format of documentation in a particular file can be specified by the +:markup:+ directive. If the +:markup:+ directive is in the first comment it is used as the default for the entire file. For other comments it overrides the default markup format.

      The markup format can be set for rake tasks using RDoc::Task#markup

      • RDoc can save and load an options file.

      To create an options file that defaults to using TomDoc markup run:

      rdoc --markup tomdoc --write-options

      This will create a .rdoc_options file. Check it in to your VCS and package it with your gem. RDoc will automatically load this file and combine it with the user's options.

      Some options are not saved. See RDoc::[email protected]+Options for full details.

    • Minor enhancements

      • RDoc autoloads everything. You only need to require 'rdoc' now.
      • HTML headings now have ids matching their titles.

      = Hello!

      Is rendered as


      • Labels for classes or methods can be linked-to by adding an @ following the class or method reference. For example, RDoc::[email protected]

      See RDoc::[email protected] for further details.

      • For HTML output RDoc uses +SomeClass.method_name+ and +SomeClass#method_name+ for remote methods and attributes and +::method_name+ and +#method_name+ for local methods.
      • RDoc makes an effort to syntax-highlight ruby code in verbatim sections. See RDoc::[email protected]+and+Verbatim
      • Added RDoc::TopLevel#text? and RDoc::Parser::Text to indicate a parsed file contains no ruby constructs.
      • Added rdoc-label link scheme which allows bidirectional links. See RDoc::Markup for details.
      • Image paths at HTTPS URLs will now be turned into ++ tags. Pull Request #60 by James Mead
      • Added RDoc::Comment which encapsulates comment-handling functionality.
      • Added RDoc::Markup::PreProcess::post_process to allow arbitrary comment munging.
      • RDoc::RDoc::current is set for the entire RDoc run.
      • Split rdoc/markup/inline into individual files for its component classes.
      • Moved token stream HTML markup out of RDoc::AnyMethod#markup_code into RDoc::TokenStream::to_html
      • "Top" link in section headers is no longer inside the heading element.
      • RDoc avoids printing some warnings unless run with rdoc --verbose. For Rails issue #1646.
      • Finishing a paragraph with two or more spaces will result in a line break. This feature is experimental and may be modified or removed.
    • 🐛 Bug fixes

      • Markup defined by RDoc::Markup#add_special inside a is no longer converted.
      • Performance of RDoc::RubyLex has been improved. Ruby Bug #5202 by Ryan Melton.
      • Add US-ASCII magic comments to work with ruby -Ku. Issue #63 by Travis D. Warlick, Jr.
      • Clicking a link in the method description now works. Issue #61 by Alan Hogan.
      • Fixed RDoc::Markup::Parser for CRLF line endings. Issue #67 by Marvin Gülker.
      • Fixed lexing of percent strings like %r{#}. Issue #68 by eclectic923.
      • The C parser now understands classes defined with +rb_struct_define_without_accessor+ (like Range). Pull Request #73 by Dan Bernier
      • Fixed lexing of a b <<-HEREDOC. Issue #75 by John Mair.
      • Added LEGAL.rdoc with references to licenses in other files. Issue #78 by Dmitry Jemerov.
      • Block parameters are displayed in Darkfish output again. Issue #76 by Andrea Singh.
      • The method parameter coverage report no longer includes parameter default values. Issue #77 by Jake Goulding.
      • The module for an include is not looked up until parsed all the files are parsed. Unless your project includes nonexistent modules this avoids worst-case behavior (O(n!)) of RDoc::Include#module.