RDoc v4.0.0.rc Release Notes

Release Date: 2013-02-05 // over 9 years ago
    • Minor enhancements

      • Added current heading and page-top links to HTML headings.
    • 🐛 Bug fixes

      • Fixed an XSS exploit in darkfish.js. This could lead to cookie disclosure to third parties. See CVE-2013-0256[rdoc-ref:CVE-2013-0256.rdoc] for full details including a patch you can apply to generated RDoc documentation.
      • Fixed parsing of multibyte files with incomplete characters at byte 1024. Ruby bug #6393 by nobu, patch by Nobuyoshi Nakada and Yui NARUSE.
      • Fixed rdoc -E. Ruby Bug #6392 and (modified) patch by Nobuyoshi Nakada
      • Added link handling to Markdown output. Bug #160 by burningTyger.
      • Fixed HEREDOC output for the limited case of a heredoc followed by a line end. When a HEREDOC is not followed by a line end RDoc is not currently smart enough to restore the source correctly. Bug #162 by Zachary Scott.
      • Fixed parsing of executables with shebang and encoding comments. Bug #161 by Marcus Stollsteimer
      • RDoc now ignores methods defined on constants instead of creating a fake module. Bug #163 by Zachary Scott.
      • Fixed ChangeLog parsing for FFI gem. Bug #165 by Zachary Scott.
      • RDoc now links #=== methods. Bug #164 by Zachary Scott.
      • Allow [] following argument names for TomDoc. Bug #167 by Ellis Berner.
      • Fixed the RDoc servlet for home and site directories. Bug #170 by Thomas Leitner.
      • Fixed references to methods in the RDoc servlet. Bug #171 by Thomas Leitner.
      • Fixed debug message when generating the darkfish root page. Pull Request #174 by Thomas Leitner.
      • Fixed deletion of attribute ri data when a class was loaded then saved. Issue #171 by Thomas Leitner.