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  • v2.2.0

    September 19, 2008

    ๐Ÿ‘€ This version includes some significant enhancements to ri. See RI.txt for ๐Ÿ“š documentation about ri.

    • 5 Major Enhancements

      • More extensive unit tests (special thanks to Chris Lowis for contributing a test).
      • Made ri twice as fast for the most common use case of displaying information for a class or a fully-qualified method (i.e., ri Array#flatten, after ri has created a cache the first time that it runs).
      • Made ri many times faster when searching for an unqualified method (i.e., ri read, again after the first such search has populated ri's cache)
      • Changed ri to do regular expression searches for unqualified methods; now, a regular expression for a method can be passed to ri on the command-line.
      • Added an interactive mode to ri (patch by Daniel Choi). Now, when ri is given a -i argument, it will allow the user to disambiguate unqualified methods if more than one is present and also will allow a user to get information for a class' method.
    • 8 Minor Enhancements

      • RDoc now adds the package title to the web pages that it generates for files and classes/modules, which helps them appear better in search engine results.
      • RDoc now automatically generates cross-reference links for classes and methods specified relative to the global namespace (i.e., ::A::B::C#method).
      • All built-in templates now output valid, strict XHTML.
      • The documentation is slightly better organized (the markup details were merged into the RDoc module's documentation).
      • Improved rdoc's HTML generation speed by about 20% (on Windows, the boost seems larger).
      • Provided an ri command-line option to control its caching behavior.
      • Improved RDoc's documentation. Added RI.txt to document ri.
      • Allow HTML templates distributed as gems to be loaded with the -T option, just like the standard templates in rdoc/generator/html (so an HTML template lib/new_template.rb in a gem can be used with rdoc -T new_template)
    • ๐Ÿ›  25 Bug fixes:

      • Fixed prototype detection in C parser. Can process ruby 1.8 C files again.
      • Fixed the main page for frameless template. Patch by Marcin Raczkowski.
      • Fixed the main page for frame templates. Now, if no main page is specified, RDoc will default to the README.
      • Fixed missing stylesheet in generated chm. Patch by Gordon Thiesfeld.
      • Fixed the parsing of module names starting with '::'. Patch by Giuseppe Bilotta.
      • Fixed a case where RDoc first would encounter Foo::Bar and then would encounter class Foo. Previously, RDoc erroneously would have considered that both a Foo class and a Foo module existed.
      • Fix a class where RDoc would not generate correct cross-reference links to a class contained within a module of the same name (i.e. RDoc::RDoc)
      • Prevented RDoc from trying to parse binary files, which would produce garbage output.
      • RDoc now correctly converts ' characters to apostrophes, opening single quotes, and closing single quotes in most cases (smart single quotes).
      • RDoc now correctly converts " characters to opening double quotes and and closing double quotes in most cases (smart double quotes).
      • (c) correctly is converted into the copyright symbol.
      • '&' characters in text now correctly are translated to HTML character codes.
      • Fixed missing stylesheet in generated chm. Patch by Gordon Thiesfeld.
      • Fixed broken method links in the built-in templates.
      • RDoc properly links to files and classes in the one page HTML template.
      • The kilmer and hefss templates properly syntax highlight when inlining source code.
      • The kilmer and hefss template class pages properly display methods again.
      • Fixed broken class, file, and method links in the frameless template.
      • Fixed the clipping of source code in the html and frameless templates when the source code cannot fit into the window; a scrollbar now will allow all of the source code to be viewed.
      • Fixed the missing constant descriptions in the html and frameless templates.
      • Fixed the ri command-line options that customize the directories to be searched for documentation.
      • Fixed the XML generator. Patch by Anthony Durity.
      • Stopped the XML template from generating invalid XML due to malformed embedded ruby.
      • Adding missing information about a class' constants to the XML template.
      • Fixed the horizontal rule markup (---) so that it correctly adds a horizontal rule rather than suppressing all text that follows.
  • v2.1.0

    July 20, 2008
    • 3 Major Enhancements:
      • RDoc now knows about meta-programmed methods, see RDoc::Parser::Ruby
      • Reorganized parsers under RDoc::Parser base class
      • ri now walks the ancestors of a class looking for a method e.g. ri File#read displays documentation for IO#read (may require regeneration of ri data)
    • 5 Minor Enhancements:
      • Allow links to files
      • Default options now taken from RDOCOPT environment variable
      • Class method documentation can be found at toplevel now (def
      • Allow HTML templates distributed as gems to be loaded with the -T option, just like the standard templates in rdoc/generator/html (so an HTML template lib/new_template.rb in a gem can be used with rdoc -T new_template)
      • rdoc -v prints out files, classes, modules and methods as it goes
    • ๐Ÿ›  11 Bug Fixes:
      • ri now looks for class methods also
      • Sections work in the default template again
      • Doesn't warn about :foo:: list item being an unrecognized directive
      • RDoc no longer converts characters inside tt tags
      • Fixed "uninitialized constant RDoc::Markup::ToHtml::HTML"
      • Fixed generation of relative links
      • Fixed various diagram generation issues
      • Fixed templates broken by switch to erb
      • Fixed issue with <!-- --> style comments
      • Lowercase words are no longer rdoc'd as methods without leading #, as described in the documentation
      • RDoc now correctly sets superclasses if they were originally unknown
  • v2.0.0

    April 10, 2008
    • 3 Major Enhancements:
      • Renamespaced everything RDoc under the RDoc module.
      • New ri implementation.
      • Reads from a cache in ~/.ri/ for enhanced speed.
      • RubyGems aware, only searches latest gem versions.
      • Now up to over 100 tests and 200 assertions.
    • 4 Minor Enhancements:
      • Switched to an ERb-based TemplatePage, see RDoc::TemplatePage.
      • Class/module ri now displays attribute and constant comments.
      • Cross-references can be disabled with a leading .
      • Relaxed parsing for some RDoc inline markup.