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  • TDD – a waste of time & money or just the opposite?
    Article  Added by agndroids // // 4 days ago
  • Write simple HTML polling using Ruby on Rails ONLY.
    Article  Added by nikolalsvk // // 10 days ago
  • Continuous integration and delivery pipeline can have a significant impact the dev team’s productivity and stability of production releases. In this tutorial, I describe how to automate testing, security checks, and deployments for Ruby on Rails apps using CircleCI. I cover a basic CI setup as well as more advanced features like concurrent specs, dependencies caching, NodeJS/Webpack setup, Heroku deployments, and GitHub integration.
    Tutorial  Added by pawurb // // 10 days ago
  • The second part of a debugging journey where I hunt down a weird error. This part deals with the mysterious HTTP::Net EOFError, introduces how to improve logging and to log HTTP requests.
    Article  Added by tothpeter // // 11 days ago
  • In this tutorial you'll learn every possible way to write a loop expression in Ruby. This is key for any Ruby developer to understand & write good code.
    Tutorial  Added by jesus_castello // // 13 days ago
  • In this tutorial we build a tool that sends a notification if a marked method gets invoked. This helps us to double-check if the method in question is indeed unused before removing it.
    Tutorial  Added by tothpeter // // 13 days ago
  • Using StimulusJS controllers, adding nested forms to a Rails application is easy and unobtrusive. In this episode, we look at an alternative way of creating nested forms without the Cocoon gem.
    Tutorial  Added by kobaltz // // 18 days ago
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  • I’ve built a Slack bot in Ruby on Rails and it is profitable. In this blog post I will describe what I did and tools I used to create, promote and monetize a simple SAAS product.
    Article  Added by pawurb // // 18 days ago
  • A book that provides you with a solid foundation for your Ruby programming before exploring advanced topics.
    Book  Added by vonlatinski // // 25 days ago
  • The release of the newest version of Ruby on Rails is just around the corner. With it, a ton of new features will be introduced to the public. We’re excited to see all the new stuff Ruby on Rails 6.0 has to offer! With regular releases of the beta versions, developers had access to the upcoming framework for quite a while and they reported that it looks solid. Will the new Ruby on Rails 6.0 bring back the enormous popularity RoR once had?
    Article  Added by suleiro // // 28 days ago
  • Google Cloud Run is a new serverless platform that runs Docker containers as web services. Here’s a tutorial on deploying a Sinatra app — it feels as easy as Heroku.
    Article  Added by markoa // // 29 days ago
  • In this interview, Frank Rietta, a security expert in web applications, talks about various recommendations for securing a Ruby on Rails application. Many areas are explored from code, staff, servers and infrastructure.
    Article  Added by kobaltz // // about 1 month ago
  • There are more than 2,500 programming languages in existence today. Where do all these languages come from? Learn more about the third generation including Java, Python, Ruby and JavaScript.
    Article  Added by AnneLaure13 // // about 1 month ago
  • The handy local development containerization guide for getting the services written in Ruby, Node.js, and Golang work together locally with docker networks.
    Article  Added by dsalahutdinov // // about 1 month ago
  • We had a tricky problem. We knew that the columns for one particular model would need to change over time. That was easily solved with a JSON field, but we also wanted to support validations on this field – validations that are assigned to the model at the time of creation.
    Heitor Silva
    Article  Added by motine // // about 1 month ago
  • In this episode, we take a tour of what Kubernetes is, how to install and configure a local development instance, and deploying a sample application.
    Tutorial  Added by kobaltz // // about 2 months ago
  • On March 26, 2019, a malicious version of the popular bootstrap-sass package, that has been downloaded a total of 28 million times to date, was published to the official RubyGems repository. Version includes a stealthy backdoor that gives attackers remote command execution on server-side Rails applications.
    Article  Added by lirantal // // about 2 months ago
  • Today faastRuby announced its intent to open source the entire faastRuby serverless platform at RedisConf19. Stay tuned for more details as we work towards opening up the codebase.
    Article  Added by sullivg2 // // about 2 months ago
  • Kautilya Career Catalyst helps individuals in preparing for competitive exams like RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) exams, RRB Non Technical, Telugu medium, English medium to succeed in railway jobs
    Tutorial  Added by shekarkautilya // // about 2 months ago
  • A story of developing a Rails app with the assistance of Phoenix app delegated to performing custom tasks. See how the romance between Rails and Phoenix ended with building a highly performant online ticketing marketplace app.
    Tutorial  Added by JoannaStaromiejska // // about 2 months ago
  • In this part, we will talk about on the best way to do the Database Testing utilizing Selenium WebDriver. As we know that WebDriver API is just great to test a web application utilizing different internet browsers, consequently, so as to incorporate database testing for example putting away or recovering test information from the database we have to utilize the JDBC Connection ("Java Database Connectivity").
    Article  Added by infohr // // about 2 months ago
  • Daily Current Affairs
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  • The Web is the most powerful condition out there in this way, as anyone might expect, it changes always. New advancements, new methodologies and new imaginative methods for promoting are declared day by day and it is anything but difficult to be abandoned and befuddled in this continually changing condition.
    Article  Added by infohr // // 2 months ago
  • Manual testing is dead! The buzz has isolated the universe of programming testing in two sections. Some make forecasts about a future where all tests are robotized; others imagine that manual testing is as yet the best alternative. All in all, who is correct?
    Article  Added by infohr // // 2 months ago
  • Ruby on Rails is almost 15 years old but it’s nowhere close to passing on from the world of programming. While no longer among the most popular, Ruby on Rails is still widely used in 2019, offering maturity, stability, and high code quality. Let's see what else makes this a good choice for your app.
    Article  Added by JoannaStaromiejska // // 2 months ago
  • We revisit the classic Todo App, but this time we write it in Ruby. Guess what it's half the size of the React JSX equivalent. Checkout this blog post and see why you can program in Ruby all the time!
    Article  Added by catmando // // 2 months ago
  • A humorous look (an attempt at least) at explaining the various ways of getting your Javascript into Rails with the new Webpacker gem: Webpack, Webpacker, and Modules, Oh My! How to Add Javascript to Ruby on Rails
    Article  Added by blackninjadojo // // 3 months ago
  • Overview of notable features coming soon in Ruby on Rails 6.
    Article  Added by kobaltz // // 3 months ago
  • Java is a robust and widely used programming language. This Java tutorial is designed for anyone who wants to learn Java from scratch. This tutorial will walk you through to all Java concepts by using examples. Examples are 100 times better than text when it comes to understanding any concept. We have included all the concepts with example to gain in-depth knowledge of Java.
    Tutorial  Added by vinodkasipuri // // 3 months ago