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  • Glimmer DSL for SWT finally brings quadratic and cubic bezier curves to the table, adding two new samples: Hello, Canvas Path! and Stock Ticker.
    Article  Added by AndyObtiva // // about 9 hours ago
  • Glimmer DSL for SWT v4.18.5.3 & v4.18.5.4 got released with support for Nested Shapes, Centering within Parent, Default Auto-Calculated Dimensions, and Shape Data-Binding Hello, Canvas! Sample Changes:
    Article  Added by AndyObtiva // // 3 days ago
  • Sonic Pi is a fun and approachable way to make music with code. For a slight twist on using it, you can read about how I incorporated it into an existing ruby code base.
    Article  Added by kevin-j-m // // 3 days ago
  • This article walks through how to identify and fix a missing database index in a Ruby on Rails application using New Relic
    Tutorial  Added by scottbartell // // 5 days ago
  • Glimmer DSL for SWT v4.18.5.1 & v4.18.5.2 just shipped with support for the `color_dialog` & `font_dialog` keywords and improved shape point inclusion detection. Happy Glimmering!
    Article  Added by AndyObtiva // // 6 days ago
  • How to add TailwindCSS, ViewComponents & Stimulus to your Rails stack so you can build & use these components. By mixing all three, we can create independent visual components with both frontend & backend logic & behavior.
    Article  Added by Kasia66 // // 6 days ago
  • Glimmer DSL for SWT just had a relatively major release in version adding a new long-awaited Hello, Tree! sample as well as Canvas Shape DSL parameter data-binding.
    Article  Added by AndyObtiva // // 7 days ago
  • Do you want to know how to implement search friendly Slugs in Rails using FriendlyID RubyGem? Read this guide to create URLs in Rails.
    Article  Added by bineetaparmar // // 7 days ago
  • Inheritance sets up a relationship or a taxonomy between classes to allow for code reuse. It is both a commonly reached for and commonly derided tool which has its place, but must be wielded with care. Here we'll use inheritance to write new songs for our concert setlist.
    Article  Added by kevin-j-m // // 10 days ago
  • How to build fast and modern web applications with Rails and Hotwire.
    Part 1 of our introduction to the different components of Hotwire: Turbo and Stimulus.
    Article  Added by Kasia66 // // 13 days ago

  • Glimmer DSL for SWT v4.18.4.9 is out! During college, I remember spending very long and tiring nights at the computer lab to implement an Assembly language renderer of the Mandelbrot Fractal. Much has changed since then. We have multi-core processors today, let alone the wonderful Ruby programming language, so I wrote this with Glimmer DSL for SWT by taking advantage of the multi-threaded JRuby and saturating all CPU cores.
    Article  Added by AndyObtiva // // 13 days ago
  • A deep dive into a favourite background-processing system for Ruby on Rails. Updated February 2021 for Ruby on Rails 6.1 and Sidekiq 6.1.3 while also adding a step-by-step guide for deploying to Heroku.
    Article  Added by cionescu // // 14 days ago
  • Announcing Connector! A minimalist open-source web browser built in Ruby with Glimmer DSL for SWT. Thanks to Ruby and Glimmer, I can now build my own web browser in less than an hour. Could this be the new frontier in web privacy? Don't like common browser privacy? Just roll your own browser in less than a day!
    Article  Added by AndyObtiva // // 17 days ago
  • Any application will be comprised of multiple components - in Object-Oriented languages, typically classes. Sometimes these classes even work together! External users of one of these classes may not know that behind the scenes there are more classes working together, nor do they care. The public API does what they need it to, and anything else is an implementation detail. However, keeping the specialization of these different classes apart, but using them together, is beneficial.
    Article  Added by kevin-j-m // // 17 days ago
  • Hotwire is a new tech stack released by DHH and the folks at Basecamp. They created and used it when building Hey, their anti-Gmail email system.
    I wanted to mix Hotwire (both Turbo and Stimulus) and View Components together but use it with my normal to-go tools like Devise and Sidekiq.
    Article  Added by Kasia66 // // 20 days ago
  • Read an article on how to use the GitHub Actions Evrone wrote to run rubocop, brakeman, reek, fasterer, hadolint, and dotenv-linter linters on your project.
    Article  Added by elizabethlvova // // 21 days ago
  • Reduce the number of bots and spam your Ruby on Rails application gets with Google reCAPTCHA v2.
    Article  Added by kobaltz // // 21 days ago
  • I list all awesome Ruby and Rails open source apps, which some of us didn’t know exist. Check this out
    Article  Added by asyraffff // // 23 days ago
  • Recently, the author of Traveling Ruby blogged some depressing news about the future of the project, indicating basically that it is going kaput. Little did he know, Ruby is traveling just fine with Glimmer and JRuby, thanks to Glimmer DSL for SWT, which lets you to package your Glimmer desktop apps as native Mac APP/DMG/PKG, Windows EXE/MSI, and Linux shell runners in Ruby gems.
    Tutorial  Added by AndyObtiva // // 24 days ago
  • Duck typing is commonly used by Rubyists and other users of dynamic languages. We'll demonstrate duck typing by helping a concert lighting team set up the lighting for a band.
    Article  Added by kevin-j-m // // 24 days ago
  • What are the key changes in dotenv-linter v3.0.0 release?

    Dotenv-linter — a lightning-fast linter for checking, fixing and comparing .env files. It helps to find problems in .env files that you might miss at first, but which later may result in incorrect work of applications.
    Article  Added by mgrachev // // 26 days ago
  • Understand what bcrypt is, how it works and its role in Ruby on Rails for authentication.
    Article  Added by siaw23 // // 27 days ago
  • Installing Ruby 3.0 on macOS and setting up a development environment, from the author of the book, Learn Ruby on Rails. With recommendations for version managers (comparing asdf, chruby, rbenv, rvm, and Docker).
    Tutorial  Added by DanielKehoe // // 27 days ago
  • Gladiator (Glimmer Editor) has been upgraded with Multi-Programming-Language support by taking advantage of the latest release of Glimmer DSL for SWT, which added multiple language support to the `code_text` custom widget, now supporting over 205 programming languages in addition to Ruby.
    Article  Added by AndyObtiva // // 28 days ago
  • Glimmer Tetris just got an app icon that shows up in the app switcher and at the bottom dock. The most fantastic thing about this image icon is that it was generated dynamically with the Glimmer Canvas Shape DSL embedded in an `image` object (Yes! Glimmer now supports painting images). In fact, it is randomized, so as a fun factor, the game will get a different icon every time it runs.
    Article  Added by AndyObtiva // // about 1 month ago
  • Kenneth Reitz is a well-known software engineer, international keynote speaker, open-source advocate, who also focuses on photography and music production. He is well known for his many open-source projects, specifically Requests “simple, yet elegant HTTP library” and Pipenv Python Development Workflow for Humans. We are excited to have interviewed Kenneth:

    Read the full interview with Kenneth Here:
    Article  Added by evronecom // // about 1 month ago
  • Open-sourcing Datanymizer: in-flight template-driven data anonymization

    Fakers, anonymizers, and obfuscators — there are various free and open-source data anonymization tools that have been around for a long time and work pretty well, so why did we create a new one? The one that supports globals, uniqueness constraints, inline rules, and other cool features.

    Read more about Datanymizer:
    Article  Added by evronecom // // about 1 month ago
  • What are the key changes in dotenv-linter v3.0.0 release?

    We have developed dotenv-linter — a useful tool for checking .env files. It helps to find problems in .env files that you might miss at first, but which later may result in incorrect work of applications. We made the tool universal, it can be connected to any project regardless of the programming language.

    Here's an overview of the key changes made in this release:
    Article  Added by evronecom // // about 1 month ago
  • Ruby on Rails is a preferred choice for Fintech startups products all over the world. Here are 4 popular FinTech startups built on Ruby on Rails.
    Article  Added by bineetaparmar // // about 1 month ago
  • Dependency injection is a fancy term. It sounds intimidating. The purpose of this post is to explain what dependency injection is, how to use it, and why it can be beneficial.
    Article  Added by kevin-j-m // // about 1 month ago