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  • v1.12.2

    👌 improve commit filter for changelog [Matt Conway] 🔒 don't delete security groups when answer is negative [Matt Conway] 🛠 fix enabling root user for create/refresh with multiple instances [Matt Conway] ✅ latest stable ami [Matt Conway]

  • v1.12.1

    ⏪ Revert "Allow backing up and restoring multiple databases in a given environment." [Matt Conway] 🔀 Merge branch 'master' of [Matt Conway] 🚀 hopefully fix task my_release [Matt Conway] 👍 Allow backing up and restoring multiple databases in a given environment. [Kevin Menard] 🛠 fix for ruby 1.8.7 [Matt Conway]

  • v1.12.0

    Regenerate gemspec for version 1.12.0 [Matt Conway] Merge branch 'master' into multi_instance_creation [Matt Conway] ➕ add ranges to filters, add filter validation [Matt Conway] ⚙ don't override default_run_options we don't set [Matt Conway] 🎉 initial version allowing one to create/destroy multiple instances with a single command [Matt Conway] 🛠 fix passenger version check [Matt Conway]

  • v1.11.0

    Regenerate gemspec for version 1.11.0 [Kevin Menard] ⚠ We've been using RVM for a while now, so time to kill that warning message. [Kevin Menard] 👉 Make the generated Rakefile play nicer with bundler and rubber transformation. [Kevin Menard] Truly make the DBPASS field optional. [Kevin Menard] 👍 Allow creation of LVM volumes over ephemeral devices. [Kevin Menard] ⬆️ Bumped passenger version. [Kevin Menard] ➕ add detach volume [Matt Conway] 🛠 fix passing of passwd to mysqldump [Matt Conway] ➕ Added new feature to lock down the version of RubyGems installed on a cluster by RVM. [Kevin Menard] 🚀 Bumped the version of RVM so we can get the latest security fix releases of Ruby. [Kevin Menard] 🔀 Merge branch 'master' of [Kevin Menard] ⬆️ Upgraded redis to 2.2.1. [Kevin Menard] ⬆️ Bumped Passenger to version 3.0.3. [Kevin Menard] 0️⃣ sphinx default port has changed to 9312 [Nick Plante] 🔀 Merge branch 'master' of [Nick Plante] 🛠 fix file write for db restoration [Nick Plante]

  • v1.10.2

    Regenerate gemspec for version 1.10.2 [Kevin Menard] 🔀 Merge branch 'master' of [Kevin Menard] 🛠 Fixed issue #41: rvm installation exits prematurely. [Kevin Menard] 🛠 Fixed issue #28: postgresql with password fails [Kevin Menard] 🛠 fix file write for db restoration [Matt Conway] ⬆️ Bumped passenger version. [Kevin Menard] 🚀 Note that a release had been yanked. [Kevin Menard]

  • v1.10.1

    Regenerate gemspec for version 1.10.1 [Kevin Menard] 🔄 Changed the redis configuration so we can do replication. [Kevin Menard] 👍 prevent long running compile from timing out ssh connection, better version checks, hack to prevent rvm breaking path [Matt Conway] ⚡️ update rvm ver [Matt Conway] sleep to prevent race condition between ps/nohup, longer sleep between dots [Matt Conway] ⚠ stop setting constants in erb templates to silence warnings [Matt Conway] 👉 use psych if there [Matt Conway]

  • v1.10.0

    Regenerate gemspec for version 1.10.0 [Matt Conway] Add FILTER_ROLES and negation to both FILTER and FILTER_ROLES [Matt Conway] 🛠 fix some tests [Matt Conway] 🔀 Merge branch 'master' of [Matt Conway] 👍 allow one to ignore security group sync [Matt Conway] 👍 allow redis to bgsave when memory is tight [Matt Conway]

  • v1.9.1

    Regenerate gemspec for version 1.9.1 [Kevin Menard] ➕ Added a sample snippet for creating LVM volumes. [Kevin Menard]

  • v1.9.0

    Regenerate gemspec for version 1.9.0 [Kevin Menard] ➕ Added the ability to set up LVM volumes. [Kevin Menard] 🛠 Fixed a typo. [Kevin Menard] 🔀 Merge branch 'master' of into bpaul-master [Kevin Menard] 🔀 Merge branch 'master' of into jcrumpton-master [Kevin Menard] 🔀 Merge branch 'master' of [Matt Conway] 📇 specify raid metadata level and admin email [Matt Conway] 👀 extra error checking to make it easier to see yml failures [Matt Conway] 🛠 fix pub key docs [Matt Conway] 🛠 fix postgresql recipe roles [Matt Conway] ⚡️ A couple of Sphinx updates: Updated the location of the download on Bumped the default version to 0.9.9 [Barry Paul] 🛠 fixed typo [James Crumpton] 🚀 It's no longer gemcutter:release. [Kevin Menard]

  • v1.8.0

    Regenerate gemspec for version 1.8.0 [Kevin Menard] ⬆️ Bumped the version of Passenger to 3.0.1. [Kevin Menard] ⬆️ Bumped the version of RVM. [Kevin Menard] 🔀 Merge branch 'tags_support' [Kevin Menard] ⚡️ Handle Amazon being slow to update. [Kevin Menard] ➕ Added a comment to help people that change their ServerName from the default. [Kevin Menard] 📦 We need this perl package for the postgres munin plugins. [Kevin Menard] 👍 We need a newer amazon-ec2 for tags support. [Kevin Menard] ➕ Added support for creating and updating tags on EC2 instances. [Kevin Menard] 🔀 Merge branch 'master' of [Kevin Menard] 🛠 Fixed issue with RVM, ruby 1.9.2, and passenger munin plugins. [Kevin Menard] Set up munin for PostgreSQL. [Kevin Menard] 🛠 Fixes for raiding ephemeral drives [Matt Conway] Watch attachment status for more reliable ebs mounts [Matt Conway] ⚡️ Updated config for PostgreSQL 9. [Kevin Menard] Don't show Passenger 3 friendly error pages in production. [Kevin Menard] ⚡️ Updated config for redis 2.0. [Kevin Menard] 👌 Support installation of redis 2.0. [Kevin Menard] 🔀 Merge branch 'master' of [Kevin Menard] 🛠 Fixed bug with RVM ruby location and updated to the latest version. [Kevin Menard] 👌 Improved passenger 3 setup. [Kevin Menard] 🔄 Changes passenger generator to use version 3.0.0 and removes deprecated option. [Kristopher Murata] Skipping SSL certificate check on wget to github due to wget bug. More info: [caike souza] 🔀 Merge branch 'master' of [Matt Conway] 👍 allow rubber:config in test as well as dev [Matt Conway]