Shrine v2.13.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-11-04 // about 3 years ago
    • 🔌 Specify UTF-8 charset in Content-Type response header in presign_endpoint plugin (@janko)

    • 🔌 Specify UTF-8 charset in Content-Type response header in upload_endpoint plugin (@janko)

    • 🔌 Force UTF-8 encoding on filenames coming from Rack's multipart request params in rack_file plugin (@janko)

    • Raise Shrine::Error if file command returns error in stdout in determine_mime_type plugin (@janko)

    • 👍 Allow :host in S3#url to specify a host URL with an additional path prefix (@janko)

    • Revert adding bucket name to URL path in S3#url when :host is used with :force_path_style (@janko)

    • In upload_endpoint error with "Upload Not Valid" when file parameter is present but not a file (@janko)

    • 👍 Allow Attacher#assign to accept options for Shrine#upload (@janko)

    • ➕ Add :metadata option to Shrine#upload for manually overriding extracted metadata (@janko)

    • ➕ Add :force option to infer_extension plugin for always replacing the current extension (@jrochkind)

    • ➕ Add :public option to S3#initialize for enabling public uploads (@janko)

    • ➕ Add ability to specify a custom :signer for Shrine::Storage::S3#url (@janko)

    • In S3#upload do multipart upload for large non-file IO objects (@janko)

    • In S3#upload switch to Aws::S3::Object#upload_stream for multipart uploads of IO objects of unknown size (@janko)

    • 🗄 In S3#upload deprecate using aws-sdk-s3 lower than 1.14 when uploading IO objects of unknown size (@janko)