Shrine v2.16.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-02-18 // almost 3 years ago
    • derivation_endpoint – Add :upload_open_options for download option for derivation result (@janko)

    • derivation_endpoint – Fix :upload option being incompatible with delete_raw plugin (@janko)

    • derivation_endpoint – Require input file in Derivation#upload to respond to #path (@janko)

    • derivation_endpoint – Delete generated derivation result after uploading in Derivation#upload (@janko)

    • derivation_endpoint – Fix Derivation#processed breaking when derivation result is a File object (@janko)

    • derivation_endpoint – Don't close input file on Derivation#upload (@janko)

    • ➕ Add :delete parameter for skipping delete when delete_raw plugin is loaded (@janko)

    • Don't return Content-Type when it couldn't be determined from file extension in derivation_endpoint (@janko)

    • Add :download_options option to download_endpoint plugin for specifying options for Storage#open (@janko)

    • Don't return Content-Type header in rack_response when MIME type could not be determined (@janko)

    • Open the UploadedFile object in #to_rack_response in rack_response plugin (@janko)

    • 🔌 Fix store_dimensions plugin making second argument in Shrine#extract_metadata mandatory (@jrochkind)