Sidekiq v6.2.0 Release Notes

    • 🌲 Store Redis RTT and log if poor [#4824]
    • ➕ Add process/thread stats to Busy page [#4806]
    • 👌 Improve Web UI on mobile devices [#4840]
    • ♻️ Refactor Web UI session usage [#4804] Numerous people have hit "Forbidden" errors and struggled with Sidekiq's Web UI session requirement. If you have code in your initializer for Web sessions, it's quite possible it will need to be removed. Here's an overview: `` Sidekiq::Web needs a valid Rack session for CSRF protection. If this is a Rails app, make sure you mount Sidekiq::Web *inside* your routes inconfig/routes.rb` so Sidekiq can reuse the Rails session:

    Rails.application.routes.draw do mount Sidekiq::Web => "/sidekiq" .... end

    If this is a bare Rack app, use a session middleware before Sidekiq::Web:

    # first, use IRB to create a shared secret key for sessions and commit it require 'securerandom';".session.key", "w") {|f| f.write(SecureRandom.hex(32)) }

    # now, update your Rack app to include the secret with a session cookie middleware use Rack::Session::Cookie, secret:".session.key"), same_site: true, max_age: 86400 run Sidekiq::Web

    If this is a Rails app in API mode, you need to enable sessions.