A scheduling add-on for Sidekiq.

Runs a thread alongside Sidekiq workers to schedule jobs at specified times (using cron notation * * * * * parsed by Rufus-Scheduler, more about cron notation.

Checks for new jobs to schedule every 10 seconds and doesn't schedule the same job multiple times when more than one Sidekiq worker is running.

Scheduling jobs are added only when at least one Sidekiq process is running.

If you want to know how scheduling work, check out under the hood

Works with ActiveJob (Rails 4.2+)

Code Quality Rank: L4
Monthly Downloads: 231,957
Programming language: Ruby
License: MIT License
Tags: Scheduling     Background Processing     Cron     Sidekiq    

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I would highly recommend sidekiq-cron to everyone that is using sidekiq as a background processing queue. The integration is pretty simple and reliable. So far, this has been the easiest approach that I have used for configuring "scheduled" tasks.

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