SitemapGenerator v5.0.0 Release Notes

    • 👌 Support new :compress option for customizing which files get compressed.
    • ✂ Remove old deprecated methods:
      • Removed options to LinkSet::add(): :sitemaps_namer and :sitemap_index_namer (use :namer option)
      • Removed LinkSet::sitemaps_namer=, LinkSet::sitemaps_namer (use LinkSet::namer= and LinkSet::namer)
      • Removed LinkSet::sitemaps_index_namer=, LinkSet::sitemaps_index_namer (use LinkSet::namer= and LinkSet::namer)
      • Removed the SitemapGenerator::SitemapNamer class (use SitemapGenerator::SimpleNamer)
      • Removed LinkSet::add_links() (use LinkSet::create())
    • Support fog_path_style option in the SitemapGenerator::S3Adapter so buckets with dots in the name work over HTTPS without SSL certificate problems.