Spring v0.9.0 Release Notes

    • Display spring version in the help message
    • ✂ Remove workaround for Rubygems performance issue. This issue is solved with Rubygems 2.1, so we no longer need to generate a "spring" binstub file. We warn users if they are not taking advantage of the Rubygems perf fix (e.g. if they are not on 2.1, or haven't run gem pristine --all). To upgrade, delete your bin/spring and re-run spring binstub for each of your binstubs.
    • Binstubs now fall back to non-spring execution of a command if the spring gem is not present. This might be useful for production environments.
    • The ENV will be replaced on each run to match the ENV which exists when the spring command is actually run (rather than the ENV which exists when spring first starts).
    • 🚅 Specifying the rails env after the rake command (e.g. rake RAILS_ENV=test db:migrate) now works as expected.
    • Provide an explicit way to set the environment to use when running rake on its own.
    • 0️⃣ The rspec and cucumber commands are no longer shipped by default. They've been moved to the spring-commands-rspec and spring-commands-cucumber gems.