Ruby Tests Profiling Toolbox v0.10.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-08-19 // 11 months ago
    • 💎 Use RSpec example ID instead of full description for RubyProf/Stackprof report names. ([@palkan][])

    For more complex scenarios feel free to use your own report name generator:

      # for RubyProf
      TestProf::RubyProf::Listener.report_name_generator = ->(example) { "..." }
      # for Stackprof
      TestProf::StackProf::Listener.report_name_generator = ->(example) { "..." }
    • Support arrays in let_it_be with modifiers. ([@palkan][])
      # Now you can use modifiers with arrays
      let_it_be(:posts, reload: true) { create_pair(:post) }
    • Refactor let_it_be modifiers and allow adding custom modifiers. ([@palkan][])
      TestProf::LetItBe.config.register_modifier :reload do |record, val|
        # ignore when `reload: false`
        next record unless val
        # ignore non-ActiveRecord objects
        next record unless record.is_a?(::ActiveRecord::Base)
    • ⚠ Print warning when ActiveRecordSharedConnection is used in the version of Rails 👌 supporting lock_threads (5.1+). ([@palkan][])