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  • v0.6.1 Changes

    • Remove socket file when server stops.
    • Set back cluster to use 'thin' command to launch servers.
  • v0.6.0 Changes

    • Add support for connection through UNIX domain socket. Use the --socket (-S) option w/ the thin script to configure the socket filename. Nginx support binding to a UNIX socket like this:

      upstream backend { server unix:/tmp/thin.0.sock; server unix:/tmp/thin.1.sock; server unix:/tmp/thin.2.sock; }

    Start your servers like this:

     thin start -s3 -S/tmp/thin.sock
    • Remove Server#listen! method. Use Server#start instead.
    • Server can now yield a Rack::Builder to allow building an app in one call:

      Server.start '', 3000 do use Rack::CommonLogger use Rack::ShowExceptions map "/lobster" do use Rack::Lint run end end

    • Add a very basic stats page through Stats adapter, load w/ --stats and browse to /stats.

    • Add --trace (-V) option to trace request/response and get backtrace w/out all Ruby debug stuff.

    • Add --config (-C) option to load options from a config file in thin script [Matt Todd].

    • Alter response headers to output directly to a string.

    • Improve specs stability.

    • Move request body to a Tempfile if too big (> 112 KB)

    • Remove useless check for max header size in Request (already done in the parser)

  • v0.5.4 Changes

    • Don't read the full body, use direct streaming when sending response. See: Response#each As a result, the Content-Length can not be calculated anymore. You have to do set this in your adapter. All frameworks do it anyway. It improve memory usage and boost speed for low concurrency. Thanks to Kent Sibilev and Ezra for their help on that one.
    • Add 'Server' response header
    • Fix --user and --group option not changing daemon process privileges
  • v0.5.3 Changes

    • win32 pre-compiled gem now available
    • change rake task configuration to allow win32 gem build
    • Add prefix option to thin script to mount app under a given path.
  • v0.5.2 Changes

    • Add cluster support through the -s option in the thin script, start 3 thins like this: thin start -s3 -p3000 3 thin servers will be started on port 3000, 3001, 3002, also the port number will be injected in the pid and log filenames.
    • Fix IOError when writing to logger when starting server as a daemon.
    • Really change directory when the -c option is specified.
    • Add restart command to thin script.
    • Fix typos in thin script usage message and expand chdir path.
    • Rename thin script options to be the same as mongrel_rails script [thronedrk]: -o --host => -a --address --log-file => --log --pid-file => --pid --env => --environment
  • v0.5.1 Changes

    • Add URL rewriting to Rails adapter so that page caching works and / fetches index.html if present.
    • Fix bug in multiline response header parsing.
    • Add specs for the Rails adapter.
    • Fix Set-Cookie headers in Rails adapter to handle multiple values correctly.
    • Fix Ruby 1.9 incompatibility in Response#headers= and Rakefile.
    • Fix parser to be Ruby 1.9 compatible [Aman Gupta]
    • Set gemspec to use EventMachine version 0.8.1 as it's the latest one having precompiled windows binaries. [Francis Cianfrocca].
    • Add -D option to thin script to set debugging on.
    • Output incoming data and response when debugging is on.
  • v0.5.0 Changes

    • Full rewrite to use EventMachine, Rack and Mongrel parser
  • v0.4.1 Changes

    • Fix Rails environment option not being used in thin script.
  • v0.4.0 Changes

    • First alphaish release as a gem.