Thin v0.6.0 Release Notes

    • Add support for connection through UNIX domain socket. Use the --socket (-S) option w/ the thin script to configure the socket filename. Nginx support binding to a UNIX socket like this:

      upstream backend { server unix:/tmp/thin.0.sock; server unix:/tmp/thin.1.sock; server unix:/tmp/thin.2.sock; }

    Start your servers like this:

     thin start -s3 -S/tmp/thin.sock
    • Remove Server#listen! method. Use Server#start instead.
    • Server can now yield a Rack::Builder to allow building an app in one call:

      Server.start '', 3000 do use Rack::CommonLogger use Rack::ShowExceptions map "/lobster" do use Rack::Lint run end end

    • Add a very basic stats page through Stats adapter, load w/ --stats and browse to /stats.

    • Add --trace (-V) option to trace request/response and get backtrace w/out all Ruby debug stuff.

    • Add --config (-C) option to load options from a config file in thin script [Matt Todd].

    • Alter response headers to output directly to a string.

    • Improve specs stability.

    • Move request body to a Tempfile if too big (> 112 KB)

    • Remove useless check for max header size in Request (already done in the parser)