Trestle v0.8.13 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-08-30 // about 2 months ago
    • ➕ Additional French language translations [Tao Galasse]
    • ➕ Add support for admin-level hook definitions
    • 👌 Improve default handling of JSON attribute form fields
    • 👌 Improve handling of error responses
    • ✂ Remove default JS response handlers for admin resources. They can be added manually as required using:

      controller dodef showsuper do |format| format.js endendend

    • ✂ Remove clear button from disabled date/time pickers

    • Disable select fields and date pickers when admin is read-only

    • 👍 Allow routes block to be called multiple times

    • 🛠 Fix error when using selectable_column

    • 🛠 Fix deprecation warnings in Rails 6

    🚀 This will likely be the last release before #195 is merged in (which will then be released as 0.9.0).

Previous changes from v0.8.12

    • ➕ Add Korean translations [Cheon Park]
    • 👍 Allow toolbars to be cleared when defining toolbar blocks

      toolbar(:primary).clear!# ortoolbar(:primary, clear: true) do |t| t.button ...end

    • ➕ Add support for dropdowns within toolbar buttons

      toolbar(:primary) do |t| # Buttons and links render a split button dropdown (primary button plus toggle) t.button "Button" do |d| d.header "Dropdown Header" "Dropdown Link", "#" d.divider end "Button link", "#" do |d| "Dropdown Link", "#"end# Dropdowns render an integrated button dropdown (primary button triggers the dropdown) t.dropdown "Dropdown" do |d| "Dropdown Link", "#"endend

    • ➕ Add support for dynamically defined scopes

      scopes doTag.all do |tag| scope, -> { Post.tagged(tag) } endend

    • 👍 Allow navigation menu blocks to access controller methods

    • ➕ Add config.favicon to set favicon within admin

    • 💻 Disable browser autocompletion on password fields

    • 💅 Updated styles for dropups, dropdown groups and select group headers

    • 👍 Allow id and data attributes to be passed to panel helper

    • 🛠 Fix i18n of confirmation popovers

    • 🛠 Fix error when :en locale is unavailable

    • 🛠 Fix inline JS when Content Security Policy is enabled

    • 🛠 Fix select form helper when choices passed as a string