Truemail v2.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-10-20 // about 1 year ago
  • 🛠 FIxed SMTP connection errors: invalid HELO hostname (localhost), duplicate HELO (verifier domain).

    ⚡️ 1. Updated Truemail::Validate::Smtp::Request#run ⚡️ 2. Updated Truemail::Validate::Smtp::Request#session_data ⚡️ 3. Updated behaviour of collecting Truemail::Validate::Smtp::Response instance 📚 4. Updated gem documentation, changelog ⚡️ 5. Updated gem version to 2.0.0

    Now helo is a Boolean instead of Net::SMTP::Response instance. It was changed because helo is sending during SMTP-session initializing (, and helo is always true if session up is okay. Also hello response won't logged as error if it happens. Example of Truemail::Validate::Smtp::Response instance from 2.x version.

    #\<struct Truemail::Validate::Smtp::Response:0x00007fa74704cd10port\_opened=true,connection=true,helo=true, # Returns Boolean instead of Net::SMTP::Response instancemailfrom=false,rcptto=nil,errors={:mailfrom=\>"server response timeout"}\>