I’ve just shared what I believe is a secret of getting stunning Open-Source contributions!

I’ve just changed my life for Hanami Ruby framework by making the biggest shift in my career life and composed a deep-dive article about the reasoning hidden behind this move.

All that, to be more engaged and deliver higher quality content, help Ruby community to thrive and Hanami project to succeed.
In this new Hanami Mastery Episode,
I showcase the complete persistence layer of a Hanami 2.0 application!
Save your records easily, without boilerplate!

YT video guide included!
If you've ever designed an API endpoint, I have a question for you!
This is a missing piece in ALL APIs in the world, because it's missing in the specs.
People do handle the business rules violations, but do they handle them correctly? Why it's not handled the same way across different APIs? Where this inconsistency comes from?

How would YOU do it?
When I've started learning Hanami, I've struggled a lot because of the different concepts Hanami has over Rails. In this episode of Hanami Mastery I'm mapping Rails to Hanami for easier learning.

Mapping known concepts into new ones is a powerful learning technique and I hope You'll find it useful.
Have you ever wondered where to start learning DRY-RB libraries? This dependency chart for the whole ecosystem may help you with it!
Everyone knows how messy Rails controllers can become. In this Hanami Mastery episode, I implement the service-object pattern - but on steroids.

Using dry-monads in my sample Rails application you'll learn how to write a truly framework-agnostic web applications.
If you've ever worried if your hash has stringified keys or not - and you didn't have Rails in your hand.... then check this out! The new Hanami Mastery episode covers a neat way to transform anything into anything else in Ruby!
This article shows the thinking process behind evaluating the Hanami ruby framework as a Rails replacement, in a working project, the mistakes I've made, and the learnings I've taken from that experience.