Vagrant v1.9.3 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-03-21 // over 5 years ago

    • command/plugin: Remove requirement for paths with no spaces [GH-7967]
    • core: Support host_ip for forwarded ports [GH-7035, GH-8350]
    • core: Include disk space hint in box install failure message [GH-8089]
    • core/bundler: Allow vagrant constraint matching in prerelease mode [GH-8341]
    • provisioner/docker: Include /bin/docker as valid path [GH-8390]
    • provider/hyperv: Support enabling Hyper-V nested virtualization [GH-8325, GH-7738]

    ๐Ÿ› BUG FIXES:

    • communicator/winrm: Prevent inaccurate WinRM address [GH-7983, GH-8073]
    • contrib/bash: Handle path spaces in bash completion [GH-8337]
    • core: Fix box sorting on find and list [GH-7956, GH-8334]
    • core/bundler: Force path as preferred source on install [GH-8327]
    • core/provision: Update "never" behavior to match documentation [GH-8366, GH-8016]
    • plugins/push: Isolate deprecation to Atlas strategy only
    • plugins/synced_folders: Give UID/GID precedence if found within mount options [GH-8122, GH-8064, GH-7859]