Vagrant v1.9.8 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-08-23 // about 5 years ago

    • bash: Add box prune to contrib bash completion [GH-8806]
    • commands/login: Ask for description of Vagrant Cloud token [GH-8876]
    • commands/validate: Improve functionality of the validate command [GH-8889]n
    • core: Updated Vagrants rspec gem to 3.5.0 [GH-8850]
    • core: Validate powershell availability and version before use [GH-8839]
    • core: Introduce extra_args setting for ssh configs [GH-8895]
    • docs: Align contrib/sudoers file for ubuntu linux with docs [GH-8842]
    • provider/hyperv: Prefer IPv4 guest address [GH-8831, GH-8759]
    • provisioners/chef: Add config option omnibus_url for chef provisioners [GH-8682]
    • provisioners/chef: Improve exception handling around missing folder paths [GH-8775]

    ๐Ÿ› BUG FIXES:

    • box/update: Add force flag for box upgrade command [GH-8871]
    • commands/rsync-auto: Ensure relative dirs are still rsync'd if defined [GH-8781]
    • commands/up: Disable install providers when using global id on vagrant up [GH-8910]
    • communicators/winssh: Fix public key insertion to retain ACL [GH-8790]
    • core: Update util/ssh to use -o for identity files [GH-8786]
    • guests/freebsd: Fix regex for listing network devices on some FreeBSD boxes. [GH-8760]
    • hosts/windows: Prevent control characters in version check for WSL [GH-8902, GH-8901]
    • providers/docker: Split String type links into Array when using compose [GH-8837, GH-8821]
    • providers/docker: Expand relative volume paths correctly [GH-8838, GH-8822]
    • providers/docker: Error when compose option enabled with force_host_vm [GH-8911]
    • provisioners/ansible: Update to use -o for identity files [GH-8786]
    • provisioners/file: Ensure remote folder exists prior to scp file or folder [GH-8880]
    • provisioners/salt: Fix error case when github is unreachable for installer [GH-8864]
    • provisioners/shell: Allow frozen string scripts [GH-8875]
    • provisioners/puppet: Remove --manifestdir flag from puppet apply in provisioner [GH-8797]
    • synced_folders/rsync: Correctly format IPv6 host [GH-8840, GH-8809]