Vagrant v2.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-09-07 // about 5 years ago

    • commands/login: Add support for two-factor authentication [GH-8935]
    • commands/ssh-config: Properly display windows path if invoked from msys2 or cygwin [GH-8915]
    • guests/alt: Add support for ALT Linux [GH-8746]
    • guests/kali: Fix file permissions on guest plugin ruby files [GH-8950]
    • hosts/linux: Provide common systemd detection for services interaction, fix NFS host interactions [GH-8938]
    • providers/salt: Remove duplicate stdout, stderr output from salt [GH-8767]
    • providers/salt: Introduce salt_call_args and salt_args option for salt provisioner [GH-8927]
    • providers/virtualbox: Improving resilience of some VirtualBox commands [GH-8951]
    • provisioners/ansible(both): Add the compatibility_mode option, with auto-detection enabled by default [GH-8913, GH-6570]
    • provisioners/ansible: Add the version option to the host-based provisioner [GH-8913, GH-8914]
    • provisioners/ansible(both): Add the become and become_user options with deprecation of sudo and sudo_user options [GH-8913, GH-6570]
    • provisioners/ansible: Add the ask_become_pass option with deprecation of the ask_sudo_pass option [GH-8913, GH-6570]

    ๐Ÿ› BUG FIXES:

    • guests/shell_expand_guest_path : Properly expand guest paths that include relative path alias [GH-8918]
    • hosts/linux: Remove duplicate export folders before writing /etc/exports [GH-8945]
    • provisioners/ansible(both): Add single quotes to the inventory host variables, only when necessary [GH-8597]
    • provisioners/ansible(both): Add the "all:vars" section to the inventory when defined in groups option [GH-7730]
    • provisioners/ansible_local: Extra variables are no longer truncated when a dollar ($) character is present [GH-7735]
    • provisioners/file: Align file provisioner functionality on all platforms [GH-8939]
    • util/ssh: Properly quote key path for IdentityFile option to allow for spaces [GH-8924]


    • Both Ansible provisioners are now capable of automatically setting the compatibility_mode that best fits with the Ansible version in use. You may encounter some compatibility issues when upgrading. If you were using Ansible 2.x and referring to the _ssh-prefixed variables present in the generated inventory (e.g. ansible_ssh_host). In this case, you can fix your Vagrant setup by setting compatibility_mode = "1.8", or by migrating to the new variable names (e.g. ansible_host).