Vagrant v2.2.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-11-15 // over 1 year ago

    • 🔌 core/plugins: Add reset! method to communicator [GH-10399]
    • 👍 providers/virtualbox: Add support for VirtualBox 6.0 [GH-10379]


    • command/validate: Allow validation of config while ignoring provider [GH-10351]
    • communicators/ssh: Prevent overly verbose output waiting for connection [GH-10321]
    • 👍 communicators/ssh: Support ed25519 keys [GH-10365]
    • communicators/ssh: Add reset! implementation [GH-10399]
    • communicators/winrm: Add reset! implementation [GH-10399]
    • ⚡️ core: Limit number of automatic box update checks [GH-10359]
    • 🏁 host/windows: Remove PATH check in WSL detection [GH-10313]
    • providers/hyperv: Disable automatic checkpoints before deletion [GH-10406]
    • 🔀 providers/virtualbox: Add automount flag if specified with synced_folder [GH-10326]
    • ♻️ providers/virtualbox: Refactor host only network settings [GH-7699]
    • 0️⃣ providers/virtualbox: Support setting default NIC type for network adapters [GH-10383]
    • ⚡️ providers/virtualbox: Update ssh_port helper to handle multiple matches [GH-10409]
    • provisioners/shell: Add :reset option to allow communicator reset [GH-10399]
    • 0️⃣ synced_folders/smb: Allow for 'default' smb_username in prompt if set [GH-10319]
    • util/network_ip: Simplify network_address helper [GH-7693]
    • util/platform: Prevent hard failure during hyper-v enabled check [GH-10332]

    🐛 BUG FIXES:

    • 🗄 command/login: Only show deprecation warning when command is invoked [GH-10374]
    • core: Fallback to Vagrantfile defined box information [GH-10368]
    • ⚡️ core/bundler: Update source ordering to properly resolve with new RubyGems [GH-10364]
    • 🏁 core/triggers: Only split inline script if host is non-Windows [GH-10405]
    • 💻 communicator/winrm: Prepend computer name to username when running elevated commands [GH-10387]
    • guest/debian: Fix halting issue when setting hostname by restarting networking on guest [GH-10301, GH-10330]
    • 🐧 guest/linux: Fix vagrant user access to docker after install [GH-10399]
    • 🏁 guest/windows: Add reboot capability to fix hostname race condition [GH-10347]
    • 🏁 guest/windows: Allow for reading key paths with spaces [GH-10389]
    • 🏁 host/windows: Fix powershell to properly handle paths with spaces [GH-10390]
    • 🐳 providers/docker: Deterministic host VM synced folder location for Docker VM [GH-10311]
    • 🔧 providers/hyperv: Fix network vlan configuration script [GH-10366]
    • providers/hyperv: Properly output error message on failed guest import [GH-10404]
    • 🔧 providers/hyperv: Fix typo in network configuration detection script [GH-10410]