Vagrant v2.2.3 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-01-09 // over 1 year ago

    • 🐧 host/void: Add host support for void linux [GH-10012]


    • command/rsync-auto: Prevent crash on post-rsync command failure [GH-10515]
    • 🚩 command/snapshot: Raise error for bad subcommand [GH-10470]
    • 📦 command/package: Ensure temp dir for package command is cleaned up [GH-10479]
    • 👍 command/powershell: Support running elevated commands [GH-10528]
    • communicator/ssh: Add config and remote_user options [GH-10496]
    • ⚡️ core: Display version update on stderr instead of stdout [GH-10482]
    • core: Add experimental feature flag [GH-10485]
    • core: Show box version during box outdated check [GH-10573]
    • 🏁 guest/windows: Modify elevated username only on username failure [GH-10488]
    • 🏁 host/windows: Prevent SMB setup commands from becoming too long [GH-10489]
    • 🏁 host/windows: Automatically answer yes when pruning SMB shares [GH-10524]
    • provisioners/file: Show source and destination locations with file provisioner [GH-10570]
    • provisioners/salt: Validate that install_type is set if version is specified [GH-10474]
    • ⚡️ provisioners/salt: Update default install version [GH-10537]
    • 👍 provisioners/shell: Add reboot option for rebooting supported guest [GH-10532]
    • 🔀 synced_folders/rsync: Support using rsync --chown option [GH-10529]
    • util/guest_inspection: Validate hostnamectl command works when detected [GH-10512]
    • util/platform: Use wslpath command for customized root on WSL [GH-10574]

    🐛 BUG FIXES:

    • command/cloud publish: Ensure box file exists before path expanding [GH-10468]
    • command/cloud publish: Catch InvalidVersion errors from vagrant_cloud client [GH-10513]
    • command/snapshot: Retain consistent provisioning behavior across all commands [GH-10490]
    • command/validate: Bypass install checks for validating configs with the --ignore-provider flag [GH-10467]
    • communicator/ssh: Fix garbage output detection [GH-10571]
    • 🔧 guest/alt: Fix network configuration errors [GH-10527]
    • guest/coreos: Fix grep command for network interface of CoreOS guest [GH-10554]
    • 0️⃣ guest/freebsd: Fix defaultrouter rcvar in static network template [GH-10469]
    • 🔧 guest/redhat: Fix network configuration errors [GH-10527]
    • ⚠ providers/virtualbox: Adjust version requirement for NIC warning [GH-10486]
    • util/powershell: Use correct Base64 encoding for encoded commands [GH-10487]